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Rated: ASR · Serial · Fanfiction · #1821266
Jennifer, Megan, Bradley and Miles are on a carriage road trip to London.
Jennifer felt so happy. She was going to marry Bradley. The moonstone had her under a curse. Luckily, Megan hadn't been under the curse of the moonstone. She didn't fall in love with the Johnny Depp gypsy look alike. Jennifer made Bradley bacon and eggs the next morning. Bradley was going to love being married to Jennifer.

"Should we tell anyone about our engagement?" Jennifer asked.

"Let's tell my parents and Megan and Miles when we get to France. I am going to buy your engagement ring in France. You can buy your Wedding dress there, too." Bradley embraced Jennifer and kissed her.

After the kiss, Jennifer smiled and if she was a cat, she would be purring. "Megan and Miles should get married first and we will have our Wedding a week later. Megan and Miles announced theirs first."

"I agree. They had better set a date soon or we may beat them to the altar."

"Megan won't wait long. It will be after we get back from France, though." Jennifer looked forward to going to France.

Megan cleaned house and Miles was outside with his father. Mrs. Dawson came to visit Megan.

"Good Morning, Dear. Just think you will be my daughter-in-law soon." Mrs. Dawson brewed a cup of tea.

"I love Miles and I can't wait to marry him." Megan decided to drink some lemonade.

"He loves you, too. Have you ever been to France?"

"No. I think it will be a nice place to visit."

"It is. Are you and Miles going to have children?" Mrs. Dawson asked.

Megan hadn't thought about that. Suddenly her lemonade tasted bitter. "We haven't talked about that, yet." Megan was dumb founded.

"I guess this is between you and Miles. I am sorry to make you feel uncomfortable."

"It is alright." Megan wished Miles would come back in.

Miles came in just then. "Are you ready to go to London?"

"London?" Megan asked.

"I am going to buy you your engagement ring and you can shop for clothes for the trip." Miles was like a school boy who was going on a fishing trip and looked anxious.

Megan hugged and kissed Miles and Mrs. Dawson excused herself. Megan and Miles knew they had better get ready to go to London.

"Are you ready, my Darling?" Bradley asked.

"Ready for what?" Jennifer asked.

"Miles and I are taking you and Megan to London so you and Megan can shop for clothes to go to France." Bradley's eyes twinkled.

"Yes!" Jennifer jumped into Bradley's arms and started to kiss him.

"Any more of this, we will be going back upstairs. Megan and Miles are waiting for us to go pick them up."

Jennifer smiled and she went upstairs to change. She hadn't unpacked so she would take the canvas bag to London with her.

"How long will we be in London? Megan asked.

"A couple of days." Miles loved how Megan seemed to bouce off the walls.

Megan hadn't unloaded her canvas bag. She was ready to go.

Megan knew she would love London. She sat on the couch with the tapesty birds that she adored. In a few minutes, Bradley and Jennifer had arrived. Jennifer seemed content. Miles and Bradley were outside.

"Is everything alright?" Megan asked.

"Yes and no. When Bradley and I got back to his place, I went for a walk in the woods and I saw Calin and Rainey. They didn't see me. It turns out he had been sleeping with Rainey and he was trying to break up Bradley and me. SLEPT WITH RAINEY? I knew I was done with him. Calin gave Rainey a potion to drug Bradley and she was going to get in his bed naked and have me find them like that thinking I would break up with Bradley. Rainey was going to go see Bradley to put her and Calin's plan in motion. I ran after that slut and slapped her. Bradley saw me with Rainey and he came running. Rainey said I loved Calin and Bradley was so hurt. He went after Calin and Calin told me the moonstone had a curse that made me fall in love with him. The curse was broken. He was right. I had told Calin that I wanted Bradley and I loved Bradley. I was so afraid that I had lost Bradley. I also told Calin that I wanted to marry Bradley. I love Bradley and only Bradley. Bradley heard all this and he wanted to shoot Calin and he told him he would kill him if he ever saw him again. I wanted to kill Calin and Rainey. Calin left and one of Bradley's men took Rainey home. Bradley forgives me and we worked things out. I have to tell someone. I am so glad you broke the moonstone. Oh, Megan, we are getting married!"

Megan hugged Jennifer. "I am so happy!" Megan and Jennifer were jumping up and down. They were yelling. Miles and Bradley walked into the house.

"I guess the secret is out. Jennifer and I are getting married." Bradley was so happy.

Miles shook Bradley's hand. "Hey. That is so great. We are both getting married to the women we love."

"Don't tell anyone else. We want to tell my family and after we get back from France, we will tell everyone." Bradley hoped he could wait that long.

"Megan and I won't tell anyone. Your secret is safe with us."

Miles and Bradley got Megan and Miles luggage into the carriage. Miles had bought his fancy, white enclosed carriage. Jennifer loved his carriage. She would love being Mrs. Bradley Kentsworth. Megan and Jennifer were in the carriage and Miles and Bradley got in last. Bradley signaled that to the driver that they were ready.

It looked foggy but visability was good. It was breezy but they were comfortable in the carriage.

"We will be staying at the best hotel in London. It is close to the King and Queen's castle." Bradley always stayed at the best hotels.

"Will we get to see them?" Megan asked Bradley.

"I don't think we will be invited to dinner but we can ride by the castle and get a good view." Bradley had seen the castle many times and once the Qyeen had waved at him.

"Come out of Fairy Tale Land." Jennifer said to Megan.

"Fairy Tale Land?" asked Miles.

"Fairy tales are fantasy stories about Princesses and their Princes and how they fall in love but somethmes they have to deal with evil witches, dragons and other ghastly creatures and situations but they get a happy ending." Megan's eyes gleamed.

"Like us, my Dear. You are my Princess and Queen. I will slay all your dragons." Miles kissed Megan's cheek.

"Oh, don't hurt my dragons. They want us to be happy. I just have to avoid poison apples, spinning wheels, witches and an ugly greedy dwarf." Megan was in Fantasy Land.

"Poison apples, spinning wheels and an ugly dwarf?" Bradley asked.

"They are all in the fairy tales." Jennifer giggled.

"Will it be foggy in London?" Megan asked.

"Probably. They don't call it London Fog for nothing." Bradley lit up a cigarette.

"Spooky things happen in the fog. Like murder, werewolves, vampires and other strange things." Megan loved these tales.

"I take it these are from stories. London has been foggy but I have never seen weird things like you mentioned. Let's hope for a quiet trip." Bradley was still tired but once he got to London, he would be awake.

"We want you and Miles to get married first. Our Wedding will take place two weeks after you have yours." Jennifer thought Megan and Miles should be married first.

"That is so sweet. We can plan oir Weddings. We are here for each other."

"I know. Megan, it will be so much fun planning our Weddings."

"Hey! Bradley, if you invite the Queen to your Wedding, will she show up?" Megan would have love to met her.

"We can send her an invitation. I have gotten cigarette orders from her in the past."

"Cool! Maybe she will need more cigarettes and you can invite her then." Megan was dreaming as usual.

"Darling, just wait and see. What is the word cool?" Miles never knew what Megan would say next.

"Cool means great, okay and is a word you use when life is going well." Megan hoped that answered Miles question.

"I am buying Jennifer's engagement ring in France. What about you and Megan?" Bradley asked.

"London. We want to tell our friends and show them the ring. The rest of the stuff we will buy in France like my Wedding dress. " Megan answered for Miles.

"France. We can brag after we come back from France. We will be Ladies of High Society. Ladies. Where Megan and I come from. Ladies are uptight old bitties and frigid."

"Frigid?" Bradley and Miles asked in unison.

"They don't like sex." Jennifer and Megan laughed but we both embarrassed.

"We aren't ladies but we aren't frigid, either." Megan and Jennifer laughed.

"We will take you ladies over the frigid old bitties." Bradley laughed.

"I agree. I like women and love Megan who speaks her mind." Miles patted Megan's hand.

Just then they had arrived in London. It had been a long trip but it hadn't seemed like it.

"Look at all the shops. This is London." Megan started singing Britianna.

The streets were cobblestone and it was still foggy but it had let up. The carriage stopped at a big white building with French Chateau designs. There were flowers outside and an iron gate and blue shutters.

"Ladies, our hotel." Bradley said.

"Wow. This is so cool." Megan said.

"That word again." Miles smiled.

They got out of the carriage and the driver got their luggage. The inside looked like a house in a Jane Austen movie. Megan thought it was perfect because after all they were LOST IN AUSTEN. She and Jennifer loved being in this time period. Bradley got four rooms.

"We can't act like we do at my house. You are Ladies. Old frigid bitties." whispered Bradley to Jennifer. She swatted his arm.

They got checked into their rooms. They decided to eat in the hotel dining room and then go shopping. London, England. Megan and Jennifer had finally got to see it. Today, London. Tomorrow, France. Life here felt like royalty to Jennifer and Megan.

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Another Beauiful Poser of Jane Austen by best friend Angel.
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