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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Erotica · #1821581
After annoying your fat teacher, she gives you detention...

I knew i was screwed, i didn't turn in my research paper and the teacher wanted me to stay after for detention. I was attending a boarding school with creative teaching methods, however my attitude kept getting me in trouble. I knew i was in for it when the teacher overheard me call her a cow under my breath.

She was a huge woman, and i'd apparently gotten on her last nerve because when i showed up for detention she smacked me so hard i slid across the floor. She kicked me as i curled up into the fetal position and befor ei knew it, she stopped.

She pulled me over to her desk and forced me to kneel on the floor. I was about to says omething when she hit me again.

"Don't talk," was all she said as she sat in her chair and rolled over to me. She grabbed my arms and pulled herself up close until my face was pressed against her belly. I immediately struggled but she held my arms tight. She let go of one arm and through her thigh over my shoulder, she then lifted her ass and slid that free arm underneath it before sitting on it. She repeated the process with the other hand, pinning my arms under her and forcing me against her belly.

She leaned back and i gasped for air, it was a short breath since all she did was lift up her shirt and expose her massive belly before throwing it over my head. My face was now completely buried under this avalanche of flesh. At least with the shirt on the fabric allowed me to breathe. Now my head was so deep in her belly it didn't matter how much i turned my head, i was still smothered. I tried openeing my mouth to breathe and instead got a mouthful of fat.

She was laughing at me when she finally allowed me to breathe. I sat there catching my breath as she leaned forward and pulled my head up until it was level with her tits. She then pulled on her bra cup and let one of her tits fall right onto my face. I couldn't even form words, i just grunted and pulled away in vain.

She lifted both my head and her massive tit as it sat on my face. She then pulled the bra over my head squeezing me against her tit. I couldn't breathe and the underside of her tit was incredibly hot. It wasn't long before she started to sweat. That sweat lubricated my face and allowed me to turn to the side and pull in whatever breath i could. Even if it did reek of day old sweat. Above me she started grading papers as if i wasn't even there.
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