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A new kind of New Year Resolution, and hopefully a bit inspiring. 36 Lines.
So today rushed at me faster than yesterday,

And yesterday faster than the day before.

Freight trains in which I feel as if my luck is running thin…

I’m losing sight of where the current task at hand ends, and I begin?

Up at five am, sometimes four,

Six at the latest, and we’re always out the door.

Nearly 12 hours pass before our return,

Now phase 2 of our day approaches, the schedule just as stern.

The night will lend us just 3 short hours for dinner, homework, bath and bed…

As I pull up her covers and offer a quick kiss to her smooth porcelain head,

I wish only to press rewind…

I didn’t play outside with her today, and I wish I’d have been more patient and kind.

Sometimes I can barely recall the coo of her tiny self only 8 short years ago…

I remember when her cheeks were chubby and she hadn’t enough hair for a bow!

So the year’s end is growing so near,

Times of family, friends and the holidays are almost here…

And I so love the fall.

But as this bittersweet time is upon us, we inevitably reflect on it all.

Soon it will be time for those AWEFUL New Year Resolutions.

A pseudo fix-all for a year filled with having known better, topped with these half-ass solutions.

As a matter I fact,

This here is the time to strategize, but don’t act!

I certainly had better not make any self-improvements for the next couple of months or so,

Because they would make great resolutions come January 1st, and then it’s ready-set-go!

How many times has it been the same as the one the year before?

So if that has ever been you, I say our resolve will be to say “No More!”

I will no longer wait to plan that dream vacation for the perfect time,

Our 10th anniversary, that will be ideal to do it big, it will be sublime!

But what about all the years in between,

The places we could have went and the things we could have seen?

People always talk about never losing sight of a dream,

But to keep it in sight is to think it only, but to keep it in REACH supreme!

Grasp it, hold it, bring it to life, no eluded excuses,

No doomed timelines and self-inflicted abuses,

LIVE your dreams TODAY!

And let the only promise to yourself be to let  NOTHING stand in your way.

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