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It is a poetry about how we wait for Christmas eve to arrive in spite of the cold weather.
Ode to a Christmas

The evening was light and cold,
And Night was setting in;
I put my best clothes on,
Cause Midnight will soon check in.

Oh! Thanks to the Sun that gave away,
The crimson coloured ocean above us;
The beautiful colour to brighten our day,
Before it said goodbye and drifted away.

Friends and families walking around,
For the beautiful sky to see;
A birth of a beautiful evening,
And an end of a hectic day.

Romance got a chance on lovers,
Romance got a chance on me;
The trembling hands holding each other,
To ignite the love for one another.

Borne fire lit up in corners of the streets,
To provide warm to the street urchins;
The flame that gave them the heat,
Will then turn ashes and into dirt.

People walking down the streets,
Talking to one another;
In a form of a murmur,
For the cold was hard to beat.

Some people beat the cold by playing,
Christmas songs on the street;
With guitar, violin and drums playing,
Midnight is soon coming.

The drumming was more audible,
Than any other instruments played;
The drumming kept their spirit high,
So high that nature was defeated.

For a celebration is going on,
In every corner of the town;
To sing and rejoice the day,
Our Hero was born.
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