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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Detective · #1823027
Alair is an Attorney that works like her brother. This is her story
Broken Turnabout

Monday, September 25
9:30 am
-Phoenix & Co. Law Office-

         The name is Edgeworth, Alair Edgeworth. I am the loving sister of Miles Edgeworth, though... I do have a problem. I needed to talk to Phoenix Wright. I am in sort of a problem and my brother is going to be the prosecution. My brother doesn't want to get me a GUILTY verdict but he must. I am here to ask Wright if he can help me. I hope he can... I can't think about what will happen if he doesn't. I am accused of MURDER! I didn't do anything, at least... I hope I didn't.
         Phoenix Wright, is one of the famous Defense Attorneys since he saved my brother from getting put in jail for the DL-6 Incident. My brother thought that he was the one who killed our dad, when he didn't. I was barely the same age as my brother. Two years younger to be exact. He was 9 and I was 7. Now he is 24, and I just turned 22. He was always taller than me, but that is what made him such an outgoing attorney.

         “Hey! Nick! We have a customer! Yay!” Maya exclaimed. She was 5 feet tall, a little taller than Alair. She was 17.
         A tall guy with spiky hair came out from the back room. He stopped there and looked at them. [Black hair, grey eyes. Reminds me of someone]. He walked to her and held his hand out smiling. “Hello, I'm-”
         “Phoenix! I need your help! I am accused of murder and tomorrow is my trial day and my brother is the Prosecution!”
         Phoenix froze there. “E-Edgeworth?”
         She nodded. “Y-yes, he is my brother. I'm Alair Edgeworth. Please! Help me”
         Phoenix was shocked. He sat down and nodded for her to sit. “Please, explain what happened.”
         Alair nodded and started to tell him the story.

Friday, September 23
11:15 pm
-Dark Manour-

         Lightning shot from the sky. A man was running, a woman following. “We need to get inside!”
         The guy nodded. “I need to tell you something though...”
         Alair shook her head. “No! Not now!”
         The guy pulled her towards the Dark Manour. “Please, listen to me.”
         She looked up at him. “What do you need to tell me?”
         He smiled and held his arms around her. “I'm sorry, and I love you, no matter what”
         She blushed and smiled looking up at him. She froze there as she saw him with his eyes closed. “What's wrong?”
         He smiled fainter. He coughed out blood. “I'm... sorry...... I didn't... mean to... have this... hap.....pen” He fell over, dead. Blood circled his body.
         She screamed, the owner of the Manour coming down to see her there with the dead body. He immediately called the police and she was arrested.

Monday, September 25
10:00 am
-Phoenix & Co. Law Office-

         Phoenix looked at her, listening. “So you were at the scene of a murder and were framed on the spot. Let me guess, by Detective Dick Gumshoe.”
         Alair nodded. “Y-yes. He saw me and immediately arrested me.”
         He looked at Maya [sounds like someone I know] “What Nick?” She yelled out.
         Phoenix gave a smile. “N-nothing!” [she's clueless]
         She looked at him. “Mr. Wright, will you help me? Please?”
         Phoenix looked at her [she's opposite of Edgeworth....] “Sure, We will make sure you get a Not Guilty verdict,” he spoke, smiling at her.
         Alair brightened up and hugged Phoenix. “Thank you! I know that my brother's stories will be true.”
         Phoenix gave an awkward smile, his face red. [ehhh... heh.... I hope her hopes aren't too up since Gumshoe won't let me do much]

Monday, September 25
11:37 am
-Dark Manour-

         “Hey, get back bub! This a crime scene,” a low voice boomed.
         Phoenix jumped. “Hey, Detective G-Gumshoe. I-I know that this is a crime scene! I was sent here by the woman I am defending.”
         Gumshoe looked at him. “That Edgeworth chick? Okay, fine bub! But I'm keeping my eyes on you! Don't need you doing anything funny for her. I think this might help for your case though.” Dick had given him the Biopsy Report and the thing they believed was the Murder Weapon.

(To Be Continued)
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