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A girl meets up with a high school crush 6 years later. In progress. Should I finish?
Seeing him there sent her right back to high school.  The sweaty palms, her bottom lip made swollen from biting it, those anxious butterflies churning in her gut.  It may have been at least six years since seeing each other but chemistry still lit the air between them.
Enveloping her in a hug, she savored his strength.  His stint in the military had served him well turning him from a cute boy to a smoking hot man.  Leaning back smiling she took in his now rugged good looks.  At six foot she had to tilt her neck back from her petite 5’3’’ height to see his gaunt face.  The close cropped brown hair still the same, his blue eyes still captivated her but showed through to an older soul than before and many more laugh lines creased his face. 
Finally sitting at the table in a restaurant near where they both grew up they started swapping stories for their lives for the past six years.  She smiled and listened, warm and friendly, while each time they made eye contact a part of her anatomy that had previously been practically dormant would send a jolt of heat through her core. 
Eventually they had finished eating and stood leaning his car, still caught in conversation like the old friends they were but with something more keeping them in the chilly air.  Making use of her habit of talking with her hands, she gently brushed her hand against his upper thigh mid gesture.  Throwing him her best flirtatious “opps, did I do that” smile she cocked her head to look at him. 
Bumping his shoulder into her, clearly having to slouch in order to do so, he gently took her hand with a grin that made the most of those laugh lines.  Her heart nearly did a flip out of her chest so happy it was that she was not the only one that felt the chemistry between them.  After a moment of taking in this feeling of his thumb stroking the back of her hand and feeling the heat of his palm sear through her, she grew impatient.  She wanted more.  She wanted him. 
Turning, using their clasped hands as a pivot point, and cocking her head up at him to conclude a teasing remark about his favorite baseball team.  Licking her lips as he leaned down to return the remark, touching foreheads and sending a jolt straight through her heart and… other bits of her anatomy, she pressed herself into him and lifted on tip toe the extra inches to touch her lips to his. 

The world stopped.
And yet it didn’t.  Every detail was magnified with her eyes closed.  His masculine smell indefinable and intoxicating. Her heart beat like a Timpani drum.  Each move of his mouth as he pressed harder into her with each renewal increasing in urgency and passion.  His hand moving to feather along her jaw line was barely noticeable.  His tongue darted out, seemingly as anxious as she was for a taste of what they’d both wanted for so long.  Her hands began to drift as if they had a mind of their own.  First reluctantly releasing their precious hand hold, floating to the back of his neck to stroke his hair with one and grip, practically massaging, his shoulder.  Next they came to his back, hard and rippled with muscles, exploring there was a treat to be saved for another time. A time when the need screaming through her wasn’t as great.  Finally their journey stopped as his tight ass, she gripped it as hand holds to press herself tightly against him. Feeling him run his hands across her back gripping her feverishly was heaven and only supplemented the hardening she could feel between his legs and pressed into her thigh. 
Breaking their liplock but both keeping eyes closed each gasped raggedly for breath. 

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