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A love letter to a lover
My Dearest Love,

We have been apart much too long. I am waiting expectantly for you to return to my warm embrace. I need you and I know you you feel the same. Love obsession and lust that we shared takes a lifetime to sever

From the first momentt we met, I knew you were special.. Being separated from you has been difficult but I know it has being a rough ride for you. I have waited in the shadows for months, watching from afar. You seem lost and lonely without me.Recall all the wonderful times we had together and the journey of discovery we undertook. You needed me as I know you need me now.

Reflecting on our first contact ,there was instant chemistry. You loved as I touched every nerve ending in your body. You , my love were the centre of the universe. It was me who helped you achieve that status.When we were together you bloomed -the shyness and hurt dissappeared under my influence. I dedicated every moment to nourishing your ego and inflating your self esteem
I was your rock, your anchor, and your friend, when the world turned away. I was your guiding light from dawn until dusk.I whispered in your ear each time that you were unable to cope with the burdens of life and you listened. You trusted my wisdom and depended only on me. Slowly you became part of me and I took control of you. You wanted it that way—I came before all else.

As you read these words, does your heart twinge?. Do you miss me? Do you need to feel the warm cobossmfort that I bring to your soul.? Do you miss the numbness or ever wonder will you ever find the thrills and excitement with another.? Believe me I will be hard to replace. Nothing will give you confidence like you enjoyed with me, No path you travel will ever bring that sense of freedom again.Nobody will ever control you in the way I did.

People tell you that I was not looking after your best interest. They convinced you that it was not an equal relationship. They insisted they wanted you back in the bossom of the family and that I must go.They blamed me for your destruction forgetting that you searched for me,- you wanted me. Inferences were made that I screwed up your thinking and your concentration. I resented that.. You had choices and you choose me.

I am watching your every move. The experts say *you are over me* but I know the truth. The facade you show the world is but a mask. I smell your fear. I sense your longing. I am waiting with open arms to engulf you in my bossom once again. I will wait for eternity because I know you will return to me. So until then fair well ,my lovely.

From your lover
Mr Addiction

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