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by G7
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Continuing story of a man's addiction to his Ex's ability to transform him into any woman

I lay there and cried like the girl I had become physically and for that matter, was slowly becoming mentally. I wondered what to do next. I couldn't walk down like this...my white dress was filthy, ripped and I for sure didn't want to face Dylan and Brian again. After 20 minutes or so, I began to hear footsteps coming towards me up the trail. I scampered quietly behind a tree, thinking it was Dylan or Brian coming back for more. I cowered behind the big Oak tree, held the top of my dress up and listened intently. I heard a voice whisper "Rich? Rich are you up here?". It was Mary! I was relieved to hear her but at the same time embarrassed. I didn't want her to see me like this. "Over here Mare" I whispered while peeking my head out. "I saw Dylan come back to the picnic area without you and I started to worry" she said as she approached. "My God! You're a mess! Your eye make up is halfway down your face and your dress! What happened!?" She asked, shocked. "I had a little run in with Dylan and Brian.." I said, my voice waivering from all the crying I had been doing. "Did he rape you? I'll fuckin' ...." she asked, I could feel her rage building. She clenched her fists into tight balls. "No! " I cut her off in mid sentence. "I wanted to...y'know...do them both. But they made fun of me after." I said sniffling. "I tried to smack him and he pushed me down. I ripped my dress..." I said, bursting into tears again.
I felt her pull me in and hug me, comforting me. "Ok, it'll be ok...are you hurt?" I sniffled "NO" as I buried my face in her masculine chest and tried to turn off the waterworks. I felt a soft hand on my shoulder and looked up to see Michelle looking down at me, concerned. I hadn't heard her coming up the trail.I sniffled and tried to compose myself as she rubbed my shoulder. She took me by the hand and whispered in my ear "Come back down to the picnic area. I'll help you get cleaned up." She helped back down the trail as I held my dress top up. "Marco" got this look in her eyes, one that scared me to death, she muttered "I'll be right back" and stormed off in the other direction as Michelle nudged me towards the restrooms. She led me inside and wet a paper towel and started cleaning the tear streaked eye make up from my cheeks. "You have the prettiest eyes..." she said smiling. "Much better " she said as she pulled a hairbrush from her purse and started brushing the knots and bits of leaves out of my hair. "I'd KILL for your hair, too" she said as she finished. "Thanks Michelle" I said sincerely and squeezed her hand. "My friends call me Chelle" she said as she stooped over to look at my torn dress. She tugged at the fabric and said "It's just a seam, we can fix that right up!" She rummaged thru her purse and produced a few safety pins , holding them up in the air, "Ta Da! Hold still I don't want to poke you" she said as she tugged the seam together and I felt my boobs squish tight and threaten to come out the top. I held them in place with cupped hands, embarrassed as she worked on the split seam. "That oughta hold those boobs in , now" she said with a giggle. I couldn't help it, a small giggle escaped from my lips. "I really appreciate this, Chelle." I said tugging the top to get my girls readjusted. "Come on, blow your nose, fix your make up and lets go back to the party" she said with a warm smile. " So...Marco says you've been friends for a long time?" she asked as I re applied my lipstick. "Yeah, he's like my brother and best friend in one. Why?" I asked her. "Just asking, he doesn't act like most guys our age." she said. "Trust me, he's NOT like guys our age." I said, finishing my face and grabbing my purse. "I'm not sure if I want to go back to the party..." I said embarassed. "Come on, nobody knows what happened and everybody knows those guys are assholes. Just ignore them, lets go! " she said and dragged me back to the party.
We walked back to the group and started making S'mores and for some reason I was craving chocolate ...bigtime! I was relieved that Dylan and Brian were not around the campfire. I ate like a pig and all the kids busted me. "You can eat for such a tiny thing!" Chelle teased. I started having fun and was beginning to worry about Mary when I saw Dylan and Brian approach. My stomach wet into knots and Chelle grabbed my arm and said "It's ok.." I saw as they drew closer that Dylan had a black eye and a bloody nose and Brian had a split lip! I saw "Marco" walking slowly behind them about 50 feet back. They came up to me , looked down and Dylan said "Listen, Becca. We're sorry we acted that we. We were jerks and we apologize". I just nodded and said nothing, I was afraid I'd start blubbering again. They shot me a look and then left as "Marco" glowered at them as they walked past. They gave him a very wide berth! Mary wiggled her finger in the "come here" motion. I walked over and was suprised at how pissed she looked. I could tell she was "Pumped up" and the testosterone and adreneline was still flowing. She had a small scrape on her jaw, I noticed as I got closer. "I'm getting tired of fighting your battles, Rich." she said angrily. "I'm sorry M.." I started but she cut me off in mid sentence. "If you can't handle being a teenage girl, maybe you should stay in the house until you change back!" she said, sucking on her cut knuckle. I looked at the floor, embarrassed as she continued. "You can't pick fights with guys anymore , Rich. You're 5'2" and 100 pounds now. NOT the 6'2" 200 pounds you are used to! You're lucky you didn't get hurt. I'm going home and get cleaned up." With that, she turned and stalked off. I went back to the table and sat down. I noticed Chelle was not there and that the party was breaking up. I saw her come back from the restroom area. We walked home together quietly. It turns out she lived a few units down on the opposite side of the street and I remembered I had helped her older brother and Dad move a heavy dresser up the stairs just last year. She asked me if I'd like to "hang out" tomorrow and I said yes. I wasn't sure what "Hanging out" meant to teenage girls, but I was sure to would find out. I went inside and found that Mary had gone to bed. I watched some baseball and went to bed soon after.

I woke up and the house was totally quiet. I padded out into the kitchen and found a note. "Sorry I was so mad last night. I don't know why I got so angry. I have the noon to 8 shift tonight. Don't forget you are working tomorrow. I'll have to change you back into Kristin for your 4 to close shift. See ya tonight! " and she signed it "Mary" I guess she had changed back. I finished my coffee and took a quick shower, slipping into shorts and the "90% sweetheart 10% bitch" baby tee and was just settling on the couch to watch "Sports center" when the doorbell rang. I got up and threw my hair in a quick ponytail and answered the door..it was Chelle. She smiled warmly and I invited her in. She came in and sat down. She asked me if the "Older lady" still lived here with the "big dude". I assumed she meant Mary and me. I nodded and said that my Aunt Mary still lived here and that she had broken up with "the big dude". She grinned and said "He helped us move in, he was hot for an older guy!" I liked the compliment but...old? Hell, I'm only 27! I thought. I asked her what she wanted to do and she said excitedly "Let's make cookies!" To my suprise that sounded fun and I exclaimed "Chocolate chips!" almost as excitedly. "Oh, you're craving chocolate again. somebody's FRIEND is visiting?" she asked concilatorilly. I just shrugged not knowing what she meant. "Your Aunt won't mind if we bake here? My Mom is being a bitch today!" she asked. "Sure! She's cool! You get the ingredients. I'll get the bowls!" I said and stood on a chair to reach the mixing bowls. I looked back over my shoulder and Chelle was reading Mary's note! I hopped down off of the chair and tried to grab the note, but it was too late. She held it up out of my reach and finished reading it. I braced for the questions I knew were coming. "Ok ..."Becca" ..or should I call you Rich?" she said looking down at me. "I don't know what you're talking..." I started and she cut me right off. "C'mon...I heard Marco call you Rich last night and now your Aunt called you the same thing. Then I hear Marco say something about you normally being 6'2" and 200# and you are far from that, chicky! He also said if you can't handle being a teenage girl...and what is this "change you back into Kristin" shit!?" she asked in one long sentence with no break! I sighed, knowing I'd have to fess up. I sat down and motioned for her to do the same. "Ok, you're not going to believe what I'm going to tell you." I said. "Try me!" she quipped, crossing her arms over her perky "A" cup chest. "Ok, Aunt Mary is a witch...she...uh...how can I put this...she has the ability to alter someone's form. You see...I'm really a guy." I waited for her reaction. Her eyes widened. "I've heard about that! My Grandma supposedly knew someone that had "the gift! You're telling me your Aunt can just blink her eyes and change anyone into anything?" she asked incredulously. "No, it doesn't work that way. It only works if the person being changed WANTS to be changed, and it's not an eye blink it more of a series of hand gestures....almost like she's molding clay." I said nonchalantly, like it was as normal as brushing my teeth. " So...let me see if I have this right. You're a guy...so you WANTED to be a girl?" she asked a hint of ridicule in her eyes. I just nodded. She laughed and I waited for her to regain her composure. "Why?" she asked when she stopped giggling. "Well, I've always wondered how it felt and Mary asked ME to try it and I...uh..I kinda liked it." I said blushing. "Who ARE you...in real life...I mean" she asked. "I'm the "hot" old dude that helped you move in" I said. With that she laughed again. "You're a big musclebound dude inside that pretty 'lil body?" she asked with a giggle. "Yup" I replied. "That makes sense, I've never seen a more perfect "girl". I mean look at your body...and your face! You're perfect. Not a zit on you! Did you ask to look that way?" she asked. "No, Mary likes to surprise me.. I just ask for certain...details." I replied, knowing I should have kept my mouth shut. "Details? Like what?" she asked curiously. I sighed and answered her "I like having big boobs." She actually fell on the floor in hysterical laughter and I waited a full five minutes for her to stop. "I knew those boobs were fake!" she said after regaining control. "They are NOT fake!" I said, actually getting mad. "Sor...ree , they are "magically perfect" boobs! " she said and we both laughed. "Listen, you can't tell anyone...ok?" I asked. "Who'd believe me anyways? " she answered , shrugging her shoulders. "Cool...so...uh...what now? What's your opinion of this. You think I'm a freak...right?" I asked. She paused for a minute and then spoke. I was surprised by her answer. "Yeah...you're weird...really weird...but I wouldn't call you a freak. I think everybody wonders how it feels to be someone else...I know I have. So...I guess I'm cool with it if you are." she said. I grinned , "Yeah , I'm cool with it. I'd love to be able to ask you questions every once in awhile about being a girl your ...err "our" age." I asked cautiously. "You'd like me to TEACH you, is what you meant, right?" she replied. "Yeah" I said and nodded. "Cool...first lesson is...us teenage chicks like to eat chocolate chip cookies!" she said and tickled my ribs.

So, we baked and talked, ate and talked and talked some more. I fould that Chelle was far wiser than her years and I really liked her, she had a great sense of humor. She had a million questions and I tried to answer every one of them. "Why do you like having big boobs? Us girls are people...not sex objects." she asked. My answer was that I liked getting looked at, I liked the way it felt and how feminine they made me feel. "Don't they get in the way?" she asked, watching me hold a mixing bowl against my belly and mix the sticky cookie dough, my arm hitting my DD cup breasts every so often. I nodded "you get used to them, I love the way they look in lowcut tops , too." She just rolled her eyes. She asked me how it felt to have a penis and I told her in such detail that she started to blush. I told her about "shrinkage" and "morning wood"...how it felt to pee standing up. We discussed how it felt to have a boner (her word, not mine) and to masterbate. She asked me if I missed my dick and I told her emphatically "Yes". She also asked if I was Gay, which was an emphatic "No".

We ate every cookie that we baked and started cleaning up the mess. while we were cleaning she asked me "So, what do you want to do now?" I thought for a minute and shrugged. "I dunno, what else do teenage girls do?" She smiled. "We shop...but I have a great idea! I think you need to come to MY house. We can listen to music and just chill." "I'm up for chilling..." I responded. I slipped on my flip flops and we walked over the Chelle's house. I saw her dad..well,his feet anyways..working on a vintage Mustang that needed work, but had great potential. Her Mom was on the phone and just waved. We went into her room and I was surprised at how messy it was... clothes and underwear where on the floor in layers. She closed the door and put her iPod in a clock radio. "ok....chicks really like
music" she said and hit play. I listened to various songs by artists like Avril Lavigne, Justin Bieber who was "killer hot" and soundtracks from the TV show "Glee". She started dancing and before I knew it I was getting "dance like a chick" lessons. We giggled like village idiots for an hour and I thought I had it down. I saw a pair of "Pom poms" in the corner and she told me she was a cheerleader. I became very embarrassed when she asked me if I wanted to try on her outfit. I said no and she would'nt take no for an answer! "C'mon "Becca" you'll look so cute in it...you know you want to..." she said. "Well...ok" I relented. She pulled a tight white sweater with red stripes down the arm and a big "Wildcats" logo across the chest out of the closet and I pulled off my baby tee and pulled it on. It was really tight over my boobs and the sleeves were a bit long. "Don't stretch out my sweater!" she teased. "What bra size are you, anyways..." she asked. "32 double D " I answered . "That sweater looks better on you, than me! Ok, now the skirt and leggings" she said handing me the skirt. I stepped into the 2" above the knee length red and grey plaid skirt and rolled on the tight nude colored leggings which resembled the one's I wore at Hooters. She laughed with delight. "Look at you! You look so cute! I need to do your hair cheerleader style! " she said and started digging thru her drawers. She produced some hairspray and hair bands in red. I sat on the bed and felt her tugging at my hair and spraying every few minutes. "Ok, stand up and close your eyes!" she said and pulled me out of her room into the hallway.."Ok, open them..." she said a moment later. I opened my eyes and saw a cute little teeny bopper cheerleader staring back. My hair was done up in two high side ponytails that arched into the air and drooped. My bangs were teased over to one side , dangling over my left eye and was streaked red. "Oh my God!" I said blushing. She giggled "I know, right! I am SO doing your make up!" and she proceeded to do red lipgloss and very subtle eye make up. She painted a small 20 on one side and an 11 on the other. I would have looked at home on any Highschool football field sideline...OR...the back of any football players car, I mused. "Wow" was all I said. "I know...you should totally come out for the squad! Would you like that? How long are you going to "BE" Becca, Rich?" she teased. "I'll be female until October...in one form or another. Might as well be Becca for awhile" I grinned and turned to look at my profile in the mirror. I was startled by pounding on the door and a deep male voice said.. "Chelle! are you going to be in there all day!" She yelled back "Take a chill Pill, Kyle!" She turned and whispered it's my brother...come on." She dragged me out of the bathroom and I came face to face with an Adonis. I only had time to see him stare at me , his jaw nearly to the floor as she dragged me back into her room and slammed the door. "OK, then you can try out! I need you teach you some cheers" and I proceeded to learn how to cheerlead. She showed me the "hands on hips" pose and then started in with some basic cheers. I was learning the old "Push 'em back" cheer when there was a knock on her door. She opened it and it was her brother. I'd guess he was 19 and was he gorgeous. I felt my knees quiver. "Mom wants you to stop the jumping up here. It's giving her a headache." He then looked at me a smiled. "Hey Chelly, who's your friend" and he talked right to my tits. I would have done the same in his shoes. "None of your biznatch" she said and closed the door. "Well, you sure made an impression on my brother! Should I tell him he was drooling over a dude?" she said. I looked shocked and she said "Chillax chicka. Your secret is safe with me. I really should do my chores now, before my mom grounds me. Go home and practice! Call me tonight, my posse is going to the mall!" She said as I changed to go home.

So, I went home and practiced some pikes and "Herkeys", basic moves for ALL cheerleaders that Chelle had taught me. She had even taught me how to clap correctly. I had music on and was in front of a full length mirror, dressed in shorts and a tank top, practicing when I got that "someone's watching me" feeling. I turned and saw Mary standing there, watching me. I blushed crimson with embarassment. "Aw, how cute! You trying out for "Fired Up?" " and she started laughing at me. "You are too much, Rich. What did you do today?" she asked as I tried to compose myself. "I hung out with Chelle today...we made cookies...she's pretty cool.." I said nonchalantly. She just nodded and said "Yeah, I know...we're going out Friday night. Did she tell you that?" I decided to not tell her exactly what Chelle had found out. "No, she didn't, but she sure did ask a lot of questions about my friend "Marco". I said grinning. "She did?" Mary asked, obviously curious abot the questions Chelle had asked me. "Sorry, that's priveledged information" I told her, grinning. "Chelle wants me to try out for the cheer squad in August. " I said continuing to practice. "Maybe "Marco" should try out for football." I said only half joking. I heard the phone ring as I was finishing and a few seconds later Mary came in and handed me the phone. "It's your little "girlfriend" she said, a small laugh in her voice. She asked me to come over after dinner and we'd go to the mall with her friends. I told her I'd be there.

Mary had made pasta for dinner and I was starving! I wolfed down my food as I thought of a way to tell her I was going out with the girls tonight. I figured the straight out approach would be best. "Hey...uh...Mare? Chelle asked me to go hang out with her tonight and I was thinking..." I said tentatively and she cut me off. "Yeah, yeah... I'm tired anyways. Go have your little cheerleader fantasy!" she said and rolled her eyes. I helped her clean up, took a quick shower and got dressed. I put on the white grey and red plaid ribbed top with the white skort and put my hair in a scrunchy. I heard Mary in the shower when I walked out the door. As I walked to Chelle's house I started worrying that I was beginning to enjoy being a hot 16 year old girl a bit too much. I put that thought out of my head as I walked up the sidewalk to Chelle's house. I rang the doorbell and her brother answered. "Hey! I was hoping you'd come back to see me! " he said boldly. "I...I...I'm here to see Chelle" I stammered nervously. "Yeah, sure you are..." he said as he looked me up and down pausing on my eyes, my boobs and my crotch...then back to my boobs. "Can I please come in...she's waiting for me." I said softly. "Sure...what's the magic word?" he said with a grin. I shrugged, "I dunno, please?" He held the door open and made me slide past him to enter. I could see his raging hard-on thru his nylon gym shorts. I could feel a sexual tension between us and his eyes were glued on my ass as I went up the steps. I knocked on Chelle's door and she opened it and let me in. She was wrapped in a towel, apparently fresh out of the shower. She took one look at my outfit and said "That's a cute top....but it's not going to work tonight, girlfriend. I'm introducing you to my Girls and I want you to look HOT! " She picked up her outfit and motioned for me to turn around while she get dressed. "I almost forgot you're still a guy...up here." she said, pointing to her head. "No peeking!"
I heard her rustling around and she said "Ok, you can look, now. " I turned around and she had on a pair of denim shorts which showcased her perfect ass quite well. "So, Rich...I thought of a few more things I wanted to ask you...if you don't mind? " she asked, seeming unsure of herself. "Sure Chelle, fire away!" I added, enthusiastically. "When you're in...uh...not a dude...I mean , like...when you're in a chick's body...I guess you LIKE being with...guys? " I nodded, feeling my face flush red and she continued. "So...you've gone "all the way"? she asked, looking at the floor. "Yeah, I have...quite a few times" I said quietly. "And ..you've...uh...had a guys ... thingy... in your mouth?" she asked. I tried not to laugh "Yeah, I've given head before. Why do you ask?" She sat down on the bed next to me and said quietly... " Does it taste bad? Does it make you...choke?" I tried to keep a straight face when I answered her. "Well..I'll be honest with ya...It doesn't taste great...kinda salty...sometimes bitter. It really depends on the guy. If he's got a big co...err "thingy" than yeah...it can make you gag. I can teach you sometime...if you want." She thought for a minute and nodded "I'd like that. Marco wanted to me to...y'know...and I didn't want to." I smiled and told her I'd teach her to "rock his world" since I knew what guys liked...first hand! "You teach me how to be a normal high school girl and I'll teach you how to suck the chrome off a trailer hitch, deal? I held out my hand to shake hers as she turned scarlet in embarrassment. She took it and shook. "Deal! Now let's get you ready, Becca." She started digging thru her closet and came up with two tops. "Try these on.." she said and handed me a pink hollister tank top and a frilly white camisole top with spaghetti straps. I motioned her to turn around and she just laughed "Girl, you ain't got nothing I've never seen before...just more of it" and giggled. I shrugged and pulled my top off and expertly removed my bra. "Whoa! " she said "You DO have magically perfect boobs! They barely droop at all! Go on...try the Camisole." I pulled it on over my head, being careful not to scrape my nipples, which had become really sensitive over the last few days. The top felt tight on my ribs and supported my boobs well. "How's this?" I asked. "Reach in and pull your boobs up from underneath...like this." She said as she reached into her top. I did so and felt my breasts settle nicely into the stretchy top. "Oh...that's the top for you!...Wow! Don't even try the other one! " she said with a giggle. "Ok, I think I have the perfect skirt for you!" she said, pulling clothes out of a drawer and letting them fall on the floor. She held up a dark denim mini skirt that was frayed on the bottom edge. "OOOO...that'll look so cute on you! put it on! " I complied by dropping the skort I was wearing and stood there in my thong. I stepped into the skirt which stopped a few inches above my knees. "Perfect! How do you feel, Rich" she said, patting me on the head. It still felt odd and slightly humiliating being at least 6" shorter than a 17 year old girl. "Ok, how are you in heels" she asked. "I might have a pair from a few years ago that might fit your dainty little feet..." she teased and rummaged thru the back of her closet, emerging a few seconds later with a pair of 4" strappy heeled sandals. "I can walk in heels pretty well" I said and slipped them on. They were slightly big, but they'd do. "You look hot! Let me do your make up and hair!" she said with a squeal. I felt like a 5'1" barbie doll. She asked me a few more questions as she did my hair. "So...how does it feel when she...uh...changes you?" she asked tentatively. "It tingles, mostly and at first I feel like I'm falling. Y'know like on a rollercoaster." I said, wincing as she tugged a straightener thru my hair. "Yeah, it must be weird getting smaller. How does it feel? Does she always make you this tiny?" "No, this is the smallest I've been....although she said one day she'd turn me into a 5 year old if I pissed her off!" She giggled and said "Aw, come see me if she does! I could take you to the park and push you on the swings!" I rolled my eyes and continued. "How does it feel being smaller? Well...I don't feel smaller, from my perspective everything and everyone seems bigger. In my mind I'm still 6'2". " I said. "So to you I must seem like 6'10" since you are over a foot shorter than your normal height, right?" I nodded and said "That's a great analogy" She finished my hair and it looked great. She had done it in long, straight style with bangs pushed back. The ends were curled under slightly and I could feel it tickling my shoulders and back. She motioned for me to sit. "Can I do your make up..or do you want to?" she asked. "Knock yourself out..." I said and she happily started on my face. "Y'know Rich...you really don't talk like a teenage girl...we're gonna have to work on that. Ok...you're beautiful. Take a look! " I opened my eyes and grinned. The familiar fresh faced pretty girl stared back at me, she had done minimal make up, using pale pink clear lip gloss and a bit of eye make up in Grey and pink. "I didn't want to cover up those cute freckles!" she chirped. " Why don't you pick out some jewelry" she said as she handed me a white lacquered box with a ballerina painted on it. I selected a silver peace sign necklace and some silver hoop earrings. "Can I borrow these?" I asked. She nodded and I slipped the necklace around my neck. It dangled right in my cleavage and kind of drew the eye there. "C'mon slowpoke, quit staring at your boobs and lets go!" she quipped. I grabbed my purse and followed her down the stairs, feeling my breasts bounce with every step. Kyle was conviently in the livingroom as we walked out of the house. He was shirtless, sweaty and pumped. I could tell he had just been working out. The musky smell of his sweat and the cut of his sixpack abs combined to make me quiver. He was standing in the doorway chugging a quart of gatorade and we had to walk right past him to leave. He moved his arm to block the way as I tried to follow Chelle outside. He managed to flex his biceps as he did so. "Hey Becca. Where ya going all dressed up?" He said, looking down my camisole as he spoke. "We're just going to the mall...excuse me" I said, trying to duck under his arm. "Why don't you stay here...hang out with me? I got some good weed..." he whispered and moved to block my exit. I actually considered it, I could go for a joint and a quickie about then, but Chelle came back and dragged me outside. Physically pushing him out of the way. "Kyle...get away from hi....err..leave her alone." He laughed and stood in the doorway watching us walk to Chelle's car. My vagina was wet and quivering! We piled into Chelle's convertible volkswagon and Chelle turned to me and said "You think my brothers hot, don't you!" I thought for a moment and replied. "It's not like that! I don't think he's hot, this BODY does..." I said, cupping my breasts for emphasis. It was a cop out, but it was the easiest way to explain it to her. " When I'm a guy, I'm attracted to girls. I never think of another man sexually when I AM a man, but when I'm a chick...look out. I think it's the hormones and the fact that Mary "supercharges" me." , I explained. She looked at me in deep thought for a second. "Ok, that makes sense, but stay away from my brother. He'll just use you. AND don't do that with your boobs again. REAL girls don't feel themselves up like that!" she replied as she put the car into gear and pulled out quickly.

The wind in my hair felt great! I felt so young, free, sexy and alive! Chelle could tell I was having fun and she giggled with me. She turned up the music and we both were moving to the beat of "Hollaback Girl" by Gwen Stefani. We stopped at a stop sign and looked over and I was embarrassed to find three guys about our age staring at us. I looked over, blew them a kiss and waved as we sped off. This caused Chelle to nearly drive off the road she was laughing so hard. Chelle pulled into a spot at the mall and we got out. She briefed me on how to "be" around her cheerleader friends. I promised I wouldn't embarrass her. I was walking fast to keep up with her, curse this short legs, and my breasts were bouncing bigtime. They were even going different directions at the same time. She looked at me , eyes wide and whispered "Dude, we gotta get you a bra!". I always thought it was weird...chicks calling other chicks "dude", but apparently it was the norm. We took a detour to the ladies room first and after standing in line for 5 minutes, I fixed my hair and make up and took a quick pee. It was still a bit humiliating to me to have to sit to take a piss and having to wipe. I missed being able to "whip it out" and use a urinal. This waiting in line to use the bathroom was getting old fast, too. As we walked out she whispered. "Can I ask you another question?" she said. I nodded and she asked "In that body...how do you feel...looking at another girl?" "Well,it's weird...sometimes I feel jealous if the girl is really pretty...but if you're asking me if I get cheap sexual thrills by looking at girls in the bathroom or locker room the answer is NO. Chelle...when I'm in a girls body I AM a girl. I just don't have the GIRL skills that you learn in early life. As a guy I was played college baseball, but as Becca, I can't even hit a softball. I'm not sure if it's all hormones or Mary changing my thought process, but as a chick...I like only guys." I didn't tell her that Mary and I have sex "girl on girl" because I didn't know why myself. I assumed Mary made it that way. We sat in the food court eating cinnabon and waited for her "crew" to show up. "Let me ask YOU a question, Chelle. Why are you being so nice to me? I mean....I'm a 27 year old guy and you seem to enjoy treating me like a girl." I asked concilatorily. She looked me straight in the eye after thinking for a few minutes and said " A few reasons...first, I always thought about how it would feel to be a guy and I was kinda hoping you'd uh...put a good word in with Mary...second I think it's really funny knowing you were a big macho guy and now you're in this tiny little girls body. wait...here they come... be cool...." she said as I saw the group of 4 teenage girls approach. As they drew closer I could see they were all 16-17ish and dressed like they were 25! Now I knew why she had dressed me this way. I wondered if their fathers knew they dressed like this. Chelle introduced me to Caitlin a petite brunette, only an inch or so taller than me. Next was a stunning black girl named Keisha, who resembled a young Halle Berry. After her was Carly, a red headed, freckle faced girl with amazing green eyes and the prettiest of the bunch was a statuesque blonde named Amanda, who was obviously of nordic descent. They seemed genuinely happy to meet me as a group, although Caitlin kept looking at me strangely. We headed into the mall to do some serious shopping and I have to tell you I felt very at ease and happy. We made small talk and tried on dozens of outfits. We went into the music stores and flirted with boys. When the time came for a snack we sat down in the food court and ate. The topic at lunch had invariably shifted to boys and sex. I was suprised at how sexually curious and vocal teenage girls really were. I tried to keep a low profile, but Keisha drew me into the conversation. "So, Becca...do you have a boyfriend?" she asked. I saw Chelle cringe, waiting for me to embarass her. "No, I did back home...but we broke up when I moved." I said acting sad. I leaned foward to snag a nacho, my right boob squishing on the table edge. ""Mhmm, girlfriend. I'm sure you met Kyle!" she singsonged and the group started laughing. Chelle looked mortified. "He's so damn Hot!" shrieked Amanda. I just shrugged "He's ok, if you like that type.." I added. "Oh, I'm sure he'll like YOU" Caitlin said, adding "He loves girls with big boobs! " With that the whole group busted into hysterical laughter. I crossed my arm over my chest selfconciously and I felt my face flush. It was at this point that I began to feel totally accepted into the group. By then it was getting late and we decided to head for home. Chelle and I talked somw more in the car on the ride back. "So...what did you think of my friends?" she asked. "They seem cool...they dress a bit...how can I put this...slutty?" I said. She laughed and told me that all the girls "our age" were dressing like that now. "You'll dress that way now too...don't be an old party pooper" she added, giggling. "So you don't think they are hot?" she asked. "Well, they are very pretty...but do I find them... sexually arrousing? No...I told you...I don't think that way now.." I said. "Good" she said, looking visably relieved. "Wanna sleep over tonight?" she added. I shrugged and said "Sure...I'll teach you how to ....." I grinned at her and she blushed.

We went back to her house and I was in her room getting changed into a huge t shirt when she looked at me funny. "Uh oh...Rich...I...uh...I think you just got your period." and pointed to my panties. I saw a red spot that had started to bleed thru. "Didn't you feel that coming?" she asked incredulously. I looked down over my breasts, having to "part them" to see. "No! I...I..I've never had a period before. I've never been a chick for longer than a few weeks at a time! Eeew...this feels disgusting...what do I do now?" I asked staring at the red half dollar sized stain. "Oh stop it. It's not that bad you big baby." she said, reaching into a closet. She held out a small box that said Tampex Pearl and said "Here ya go...read the instructions on the box. It's not hard." I took the box into the bathroom and read the instructions. I removed one and thought outloud "this thing doesn't look like a freakin' pearl! " I started cursing Mary under my breath as I read the instructions. I removed my panties and squatted, bowing my legs a bit. I pulled the huge Wildcats football T shirt Chelle had loaned me up and held the shirt tail under my chin. I held the thin plastic tube as instructed and slowly inserted it. I couldn't seem to get it inserted properly, after several attempts the whole thing had become a bloody mess. I threw it away and started with a fresh tampon. Chelle peaked inside and asked "How's it going?" quizzitively. I looked up at her and snapped "I can't get this fucking thing in right!" She flinched and looked at me surprised. I immediatly felt bad and apologized. " I'm sorry Chelle...I'm just frustrated..." I said. "AND PMSing" she giggled. "Welcome to the wonderful world of being a girl." She watched me struggle seeming slightly embarrassed, then she coached me a bit. "Angle it up more...easy...not too far..it looks like it's in...now push the tube.....you got it!" I looked down at the string dangling from my snatch. I was suprised that I couldn't feel it once it was in. I washed my bloody fingers in the sink. Chelle smiled and teased... "How does your first Tampon feel, "Becca"? How pretty do you feel now?" she asked. I stuffed the soiled panties in my purse and Chelle gave me an old pair of hers. We sat in her room and watched "Twilight: New moon". That werewolf dude was cute...he almost made me howl. Chelle liked the Vampire...I said to her "How would you like to be with him, Chelle...would you suck his dick?" She wrinkled her nose "A vampire?" she asked. "No silly...the actor. Would you blow him?" I continued. She nodded,blushing. "You ready for a blowjob lesson, kiddo?" She nodded again. "OK, let me clue you in. First off, guys are very sensitive down there." I drew a picture of one on a pink post-it on her desk and she giggled. "Guys are sensitive here...here and here" I said, pointing to the tip, the fold of skin beneath the tip, and balls. "If you start by cupping and fondling his balls gently in your hands and fingernails you'll definately get his attention" I instructed. "What does it feel like for a guy to be touched like that?" she asked. "Well...it's ecstasy pure and simple. Having your balls fondled is sort of like have your breasts touched for a guy." I explained. " Young guys cum very quickly, so the longer you fondle and stroke it the less time you'll actually have it in your mouth." I continued. "Like...how fast do they cum?" she asked. "Well, Shawn came before I even put it in my mouth. He shot me in the face and hair with it." I said. She wrinkled her nose and said " Eew...gross! Wait...you had Shawn's thingy in your mouth?" she asked, shocked. "Yeah...he took me to the summer dance last week...and it's not a thingy...guy's call it a cock, a dick, a johnson, a unit, a member, some even have nicknames for theirs." I replied. "Did you name yours?" she asked with a giggle. I nodded "I called mine... Willie" . She roared with laughter. I let her regain control and I continued. "OK, so you rubbed it and fondled it...now it's fully erect and throbbing. So rub it on your face, tell him how big and nice it is, look him straight in the eyes...guys love that! We need to get you a stunt cock to practice on." I started looking around her room for a suitable prop. Spying a hairbrush with a long wide handle I picked it up. I grasped it by encircling my fingers around the base above the bristles and rubbed it on my face. "Like that" I said,handing her the brush. "you try..." She took it gingerly and blushed. "C'mon...you're not going to break it! " I said and rubbed it on her chin and cheek. "Yeah...like that...good! Ok, give it back to me" I said and relieved her of the brush. "Now, I'd guess this would be average size for a guy, which is 6" in case you're wondering. Some are bigger...some smaller. Now watch..." I said, holding it around the base and flicking the tip with my tongue. "Swirl your tongue around the tip and loose skin underneath...tease it...nibble it...he'll be going crazy! Your turn" I said handing her the prosthetic penis. She made a face, wrinkled her nose, wiped the brush off on her T shirt and tentatively licked it. "Very good!" I said...that's enough for tonight...lesson two will include an anatomically correct artificial penis...as commonly refered to as a dildo." I stood up and started inflating the air mattress she had given me. Chelle helped me get my bedding set up and we lay there quietly for a few minutes. She broke the silence first " Rich? Are you awake?" she asked in a whisper. I whispered back that I was now. "What do you miss most about being a guy?" she asked softly. "Hmm, let's see. I miss being tall enough to get things off the top shelf....I miss being able to pee standing up....I miss the way it feels sometimes." I whispered back. "What do you mean?" she asked, rolling onto her side and propping her head on her arm. "Well....as a chick I feel more...mellow...more relaxed. I dunno...as a guy I felt strong, confident....the testosterone coursing thru your veins makes you feel more aggressive...in control." I said. "That makes sense, so what do you like about being a "chick" ?" she inquired. "Well, I like the feeling of being feminine, being soft,pretty and curvy...y'know" I answered. "Yeah...you like having big tits! "she said with a giggle. I laughed along with her. "Tomorrow I'll continue our "teenager 101" but I'll tell you right now...and don't get mad.. 16 year old girls are not as sexually active as you've been. We are more...I dunno...innocent. So in school, you'll wind up with a reputation if you act like you have been." she whispered. "Ok, that's good advice, I'll try to keep the cocks out of my mouth." I said laughing. "Do you like.....sucking cock?" she asked with a little hesitation. "I didn't think I would. As a guy, the thought of another guys dick in my mouth was repulsive...but now....I like it. I like the power it gives me over men, I like knowing I can give them so much pleasure any time I want to...does that make sense to you?" I replied. "Yeah...it makes sense...you're a slut!" she said. We giggled ourselves to sleep.

I woke up to the smell of bacon, Man I was hungry. Chelle wasn't in her bed, so I dressed quickly and went downstairs. I was worried that I would run into Kyle but deep inside I was hoping I would. I walked into the kitchen and saw Chelle was at the stove cooking. She turned when she heard me come in. "Hey there Sleepy! I thought you were going to sleep until Noon!" she said. I looked at the clock and saw that it was 11:30. "Shit Chelle, I have to go...I have to work today!" I said nervously. "I made you French toast and bacon! Please stay and eat with me, my parents are at work and my brother is at Football practice." she said and put a plate on the table in front of me. It looked great and smelled even better, so I sat. "Where do you work?" she asked. "Hooters" I said, around a mouthful of french toast. "Get outta here! You work at Hooters!?" she asked with a wry grin. I nodded "Yup, "Kristin" does." I said. "Mary has to change you back into "Kristin" for work? Can I watch?" she asked slyly. " Yeah she does...but I can't let her know...that you know. I'll tell you what. I'll try and get her to change me in the back bedroom. You can peak in thru the window, ok?" I replied. She nodded enthusiastically "What do you look like as "Kristin?" she asked. "Kinda like Taylor Swift..." I said nonchalantly while licking the bacon grease off of my fingers. "..... only with bigger boobs, right?" she added and rolled her eyes. "Yup, Kristin is a 34D." I said, grinning.
After breakfast I headed home trying to even walk more "innocently". Mare was in the livingroom when I came in. "Jesus, where have you been? I was getting worried. You're working tonight, I gotta change you!" she said, seeming slightly irrate. "I know...I'm sorry...can you meet me in my bedroom in 10 minutes? I gotta take a crap first! " I answered as I went past her into my room. I opened the mini blinds in my room and texted Chelle from the bathroom , the message was one word. "hurry". I entered my room and Mary was there with her arms crossed. "You ready now?" she asked and I nodded and she made the curled hand gesture that I had grown to love. The tingle started and I noticed "Kristin's" long curly blonde hair was in my peripheral vision again. I felt my breasts weight shift slightly, the bra feeling tighter around my ribs, and yet the cups felt looser. I kicked off the heels as I felt them growing tighter on my feet and as I looked down, the skirt seemed to get even shorter. I even felt taller....and laughed inside as I though "Hell...I'm a towering 5'4" now! " Mary just told me to get ready and walked out. I thought I saw the bushes outside my window move , but when I looked no one was there. I quickly showered and dressed. I put on one of the bras that fit "Kristin" and thought that I was amassing quite the collection of different sized underwear! I put on the camisole top which was slightly stretched out and a pair of jeans. I threw my hair in a quick scrunchy and grabbed my work clothes bag. Mary was gone when I came out.

The thought of Chelle watching me change never left my mind as I worked thru my shift at Hooters. It was an especially busy night and I was making very good tips. I was glad to be back in "Kristin's" more athletic body and the 34D cup breasts were much easier to manage than the big double D's I had sported when I was "Becca". I was having my picture taken with 2 guys, my arms around both, when I saw a familiar face stroll in. I couldn't believe my eyes, as Chelle came in and was seated in my section. I checked on a few tables and made my way over to her. She giggled when she saw me.. "Well, hello Rich! That is you in that body, isn't it? You're looking mighty cute in that outfit!" she said, obviously teasing me. "Shhhh, someone will hear you! " I whispered, putting my finger over my lips in the classic "be quiet" move. This brought out even more giggles. "Aw, I made you blush. Will you model that outfit for me?" she asked. I did a quick little spin for her and she laughed again. "I can see why you like being Kristin, Rich...you have really pretty hair! " she said, smiling. "Thanks, It's not as hard to keep as you might think" I said, running my fingers thru it to "fluff" up the Honey blonde, mid back length loose ringlets. "I have to tell you...watching you change was amazing! I still can't believe it's possible!" she whispered. I nodded "Tell me about it...I need to get back to work before I get into trouble. What can I get you?" I asked and slipped back into my bubbleheaded blonde waitress routine that seemed to bring the best tips. A few minutes later I brought her an order of fries and a coke on the house. She sat there and watched me work, grinning ear to ear when she saw guys staring at me or hitting on me. I came back over to her booth and freshened up her Coke. "Rich, you really have the wiggle down! You sure are "Popular" with the guys! I see you wiggling your butt and shaking your boobs. They look like they're going to fall out of that top at any minute! You love the attention, don't you? You didn't see it, but when you were bent over the table, one guy pretended like he was doing it to you from behind!" she said in a whisper. "I get that all the time...It's just a game!" I said. She got up to leave and I told her next time I was "Becca" I was going to bring over the dildo I had bought today. She turned bright red.

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