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by Nex
Rated: E · Draft · Dark · #1824591
A man has momentary lapses in memory after he is attacked.
         It was when he entered the dark tunnel that he heard a piercing cry.  He sharply glanced over his shoulder, feeling a presence.  Legs trembling, he walked in the direction of where the sound was emitted from.  Another piercing cry, this one from the opposite direcion, another sensing of an additional presence, another turn.  However this time, there was no cry, there was no disembodied presence, there was just silence.  A silence as eerie as the sounds and everything else, or perhaps even more eerie.  Suddenly, he was trapped, thousands upon thousands of hands gripped his ankles and wrists.  Struggling vigorously, the man gave a piercing cry, similar to the one he heard.  He sensed something sucking life from him, as if it were vacuuming his very soul.  He caught a whiff of its dragging breath, smelled the noxious fumes emanating from its hole for a mouth, its suction much too strong for him to resist.  He tried to run, escape he attempted, but only fell to the ground a few feet away from where he originally was.  The being swooped down upon him, and the man gave one final piercing cry before collapsing, motionless.
         He sat up too quickly, his stomach lurched forward, his head banged against the wall, suffering miserably from a panging headache.  Feeling a strong urge to vomit, he cupped his hands around his mouth, so as to suppress it, however none came.  Willing to actually observe where he was, he found himself in a tunnel, not remembering how he arrived there.  Momentary lapses in memory obscure the events prior to his awakening, the only thing he cannot help but to remember is the cry.  That cry, that everlasting sound that seems to reverberate within his mind.  That cry that he possibly could have made, for his throat was sore.
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