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I am Twilight's biggest fan. I have Twilight fever.
Breaking Dawn Part One will be here soon. I am so ready. I have watched the preview on line over and over. I have been obsessed with Twilight for two years now. It breaks my heart that Jacob is holding Bella and saying good bye to her in the previews. I cry. How will I be when the movie comes out? Over the moon. Edward and Bella get married and have a baby. The wolf pack wants to kill Bella, the baby and the Cullens. They liked Bella. That makes me so sad. I don't know how I can bear to watch the wolf pack and the Cullen vampires at war. I have read all the books and I have them plus the movie companion books and magazines. I love Jacob. He is my favorite. I love Edward, too but Bella should have chosen Jacob. I would have. I have always been a fan of vampires but when Twilight came out, I was totally into it. I am hoping my husband and I will be going to Forks, Washington next year. We are talking about going. I know I won't see the Cullen vampires but it will be cool to be in Forks never the less. After seeing the documentary DVD about Forks, I want to go there. I could even live there. I lived in Tacoma, Washington when I was four years old. Bella's mother lives in Jacksonville, Florida. So does my sister.

I love the Twilight movies and I have them all and watch them. They are my favorite. If I could be a Cullen vampire, I would love it. How bad do I have Twilight Fever? I have Twilight Journals that I hope to write interesting passages in someday. I have Twilight nail polish. I have the three game sets{I have two. The collector tin one and another one that is cardboard} of all three movies. I have the Twilight Barbie Dolls: Edward, Bella, Jacob, Victoria, Alice and Jane. I have the Hallmark ornaments of Bella, Edward, and the one of Bella, Edward and Jacob. I have a tote bag with Edward on one side and Jacob on the other. I have the Hallmark Twilight cards and stickers and I send Twilight cards to my friends. I have Twilight gift bags and calendars. I have Twilight T-Shirts, Bella and Edward hooded jacket. I have a Bella and Edward throw that lays on my couch. I love the Eclipse Soundtrack and play it over and over again. I bought two eclipse cakes and saved the plastic decorations of Bella, Edward and Jacob and the cupcake rings of them. I have Bella and Edward bookmarks, Jacob necklace, Bella and Edward bracelet and a Jacob bracelet. I named my cat Bella. On an episode of "The Middle", Sue's father told her that she got a Twilight item for Christmas but they never said what item. I was hysterical. I SAID WHAT DID SHE GET? MAYBE I WANT ONE! My husband was ready to commit me. I have Twilight Fever bad. I have a rubber stamp set of Bella, Edward and Jacob. I named a wolf statue Jacob. I have wolf pictures on my wall and they remind me of the Twilight Wolf Pack. When ever I hear the word vampire and werewolves, Twilight is the first thing I think of. I am not a teen-age girl. I am old enough to be Bella, Edward and Jacob's mother but I love Twilight. I was obsessed with Dark Shadows when I was a teen-ager and with Johnny Depp playing Barnabas Collins in the upcoming Dark Shadows movie, I will be again, I am sure.

I went to Hot Topics and got a Breaking Dawn T-Shirt with Bella, Edward, Jacob and the Cullen family on it and a throw blanket to match{my kitty and I will be sharing this together!}, a Breaking Dawn Heart Locket and you open it uo and it has a picture of Jacob on one side and Edward on the other. I got a Wedding Invitation free with my purchase to Bella and Edward's Wedding. That is so cool. I feel like I know them personally and they invited me! {I know it is fiction!} Like I said, I have Twilight Fever!

So, is everyone ready for Breaking Dawn? I know I am. I will write a review after I see the movie. I can never get enough of Twilight. One more movie to go. It is safe to say I am Twilight's biggest fan. There is no cure for Twilight Fever.

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