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A wife has many wishes. A life time of wishes. But her deepest wish?
First A Man of Faith

The wife of a man of faith may have many wishes, but her deepest wish maybe that her husband excel her in the areas of worship and devotion to the Lord God of Heaven and earth. Her deepest wish may be that her husband would be a man of faith and love of the Church and a man of devotion to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Man of Honor, Valor and Grace

A wife’s wish may be for her own security and the wellbeing of family and friends, but her deepest wish may be that her husband be a man of honor, valor and grace who takes time to be in constant communion with the Holy Spirit and be about the working of good in the lives of those in her community and family.

An Elder In The Church

A young wife may crave her husband’s attentions and devotion, but her deepest wish may be that he strive to be an elder in the church and a voice that defends the truths of the Gospel and principles of the Lord Jesus Christ. Her deepest wish may be that her husband be a man of prayer and intercession, that he would be a generous giver to all of the works in the church. A husband that rises up in the morning and considers praying for his wife and children, this husband is a man always faithful to his wife, who will never have a harsh word for her and will believe in her goodness more that she believes.

Spiritual Food

A wife may want the finery that the world has to offer, but her deepest wish may be that she would have spiritual food in the house to eat that is provided by the faithfulness of her husband who seeks out the resources and funds for their home and living in the riches and storehouses of the kingdom of God.

Happiness In His Soul

A wife may sense a loneliness that comes from a man who leaves the house with just a simple kiss that is an acknowledgement of his appreciation of how she manages his household, but her greatest wish may be that her happiness would always have a restful place in her man’s soul, where the Gospel is ever working not only his salvation, but the salvation of his entire family.
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