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Contest Entry, Sci-fi Guild, Human are blindsided by helpful Aliens in a war.
Written for the Si-fi Guild's "Alien attack" story contest. Nov.30th 2011        Winner of the First Prize

My Friend’s Enemies

The Nezuar arrived when the earth was in ruins --a collapsed civilization, struggling to rebuild and survive. The machinery of money and manufacture were pummeled during the War by the Warlords and the world was left….

The Doorbell rang.

Joel places his pen down to answer it. Joel and his wife Daniele's apartment is comfortable, having the essentials; water, power, lights. Joel has a job. Many people do now and most were in the employ of the Nezaur, an enterprising alien race, come to Earth to do trade. While much needed, many, over the years were troubled by the relationship they had built with the Nezaur. Winston, Joel's friend was invited to discuss their concerns.

"Winston, Remember Doc Collier?"

"Of course I do, he lived in your camp. He became one of the chosen to interpret for the Nezaur. He was one of the first to understand what they wanted of us. And now we make and ship green glowing-batteries and other parts to their home world. So, how’s Doc doing?"

"Something's happened to him."

"What do you mean?"

“Winston... remember when he told us he'd overheard the commanders talking and make a curious statement. He wondered what they meant by, ‘The Earth is a great location.’"

Winston slumping a bit in the couch to rebut, “Yeah I remember but Joel, come on, he could have just been jaw jacking with his buddies. You've seen them. They love to talk.”

“Yes, yes I know, that's how I felt too, but Daniele and I saw the Doc last week and.... Winston, he didn't recognize us.

Winston sits up looking into their faces for signs of a joke. But, there were none. “How can that be? He lived with you guys for...what? Five years?”

“Uh huh,” said Daniele. “Tell him the rest Joel." Winston adjusted his posture.

“Thinking Doc was kidding around, I asked him anyway. Had he gained any insight into why Earth was such a great location? And he looked at me with such anger then grabbing my arm tightly he demanded our names and addresses as though we were strangers.”


“He then moved to get a cop's attention. I broke his grip, shoved him away and we ran. We eluded him in the market place and hopped into a cab to come home.”

"They might...."

“It's been several days now”, said Joel. “I haven't been approached by anyone even on my job.”

“Humm,” uttered Winston. “I may have the reason for that.”

“What have you heard?”

The sound of the front door being opened startled all of them. All heads turned, as the door swung open and three Nezaur security men rushed in with weapons drawn and taking aim at each of them.

“Remain as you are," one commanded.

The fourth Nezaur, a commander, entered and spoke.

“Everyone relax. Captain, stand down!"

The armed aliens obeyed. "What Winston is about to tell you Joel will be incomplete. But, don’t be afraid, my men are here for your protection.”

“Protection..., protection from what?” asked Joel.

Ignoring him and turning to Winston it commanded, “Give your report human”.

Winston stammered a bit as he began, “The word is… there’s a lot of activity in the shipping ports. The Nezaur are stepping up their schedules and doubling up shipments. No one knows why.”

Finished, he turned back to the commander.

“That’s correct, the reason is simple. We’re leaving.”

Joel and Winston took stunned glances at each other. “Leaving…, Why?” asked Joel. "You’re not making sense.”

“As you have surmised, the Doctors question was important Joel.” The alien paused allowing Joel a chance to digest what he had said. Joel, not surprised by the fact that he knew what had been discussed earlier pondered the question in light of what he’d just learned.

“Have you figured it out?” asked the commander.

Joel turns to Winston; "the bio-batteries are not for domestic use.

The alien smiles, “That’s correct.”

Winston with some understanding, turns toward the alien, “You’ve had us making weapons. Ok, but that doesn’t explain why you’re leaving.”

Joel puts his head in his hands saying, “Yes, yes it does Winston. Our location was important because it was unknown to their enemy and now we’ve been discovered and I’m guessing in a short while, we can expect to be visited. They brought us into a war. Did I miss anything commander?”

“Just the part for why I am here. We cannot protect your planet", he begins. "The Magur are an intolerant race. They will decimate this planet when they arrive, but we can take you to a new one. We have little time as we must leave now.”

"Why now?" asked Joel. The commander paused, “They are en route and the first two battle craft are expected in a few hours. We…”

“No commander I mean, why confess now? Go. Run from your enemy. Leave us here. We’ll do business with them?” Feeling used and angry he shouted. “You’ve brought us into a war and now you want to relocate us. What’s your plan for us now?”

A tear rolled from the alien’s eye as he, remorseful, responded. “Joel, we had hoped you would never know of this threat.”

Joel still angry, “Now we know, so go!”

“You do not understand. The Magur are not like us! You won’t be able to do business with them. “

“Why not? We did it with…”

“We're Humanoids Joel. To them we're just food,” the commander says. “Stay and be consumed.”

In a moment of silence that seemed to last an hour Joel turned to Winston and summed up their fate.

“It seems our friend’s enemies, have become our enemies.”

The commander’s communicator beeps. He answers then hangs up. “It seems I was mistaken.” says the commander, as an electric blue flash brightens the night skyline and living room followed by the thunderous sound of a huge explosion in the distance, which causes the building to shudder.

“They’re here.”

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Congratulations on winning First Place in the Sci-Fi Writers Guild's Short Story Contest "Alien Attack"!!!

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