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A naughty little blog entry I wrote for my girlfriend after our first time together <3
Oh, how the past two nights have been such a long time coming.. Almost 7 months of waiting finally came to a sudden halt.

Legit. I have not been touched, tasted, desired in the way she devoured me in years. 4 times in one night, in fact. The passionate & raw carnal instinct that fuels both of us so intensely just exploded. I couldn’t stop myself from moaning, screaming her name.. The louder & nastier I spoke to her, the harder she fucked me until my entire body was left trembling over & over again. Mind motherfucking Blowing… Exactly like we both knew it would be.

I have never, ever felt this comfortable with any of my previous partners.. This bond is so deep that the moment she looks at me, even just embraces me, I feel her breathe become shallow & quick.. I literally take her breathe away. And for 6 months I had been so terrified of giving myself to her, though it was what I wanted all along, I knew the moment we were in one anothers presence, we would fall so casually into love, lust, passion, desire & damn nasty, rough, hair pulling, ass spanking fucking.

The past two days that I have spent with her only proved me wrong in the sense that I could never give myself entirely to another. And these precious moments with her have been so perfect, so relaxed, we fit into one another perfectly, both mentally & physically… I never believed I could feel this way for someone.. Fuck she proved me wrong. And she had been right all along, so right.. All I had to do was let go of things that meant nothing, nothing at all & I would finally be ok.

I never, ever want to stop fucking the absolute shit out of her. Every part of me craves her. I want to completely become one with her entity, her soul, her mind.

She had me at Hello.

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