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Its a slave diary i got a B for this i wrote this in the first term in year 8.
Part 1.

My Life Before THEM.

Every one tried to avoid the fact that people were going missing, we tried to pretend nothing was happening but I can’t because I might be next, not everyone thought like that but most did because they had a beautiful family and a happy life and they didn’t want them nor their family hurt but for my family, they’d rather live a normal life ,one with no fear so I couldn’t do anything but follow their decision because I had to be a good influence because I am the tribe leaders younger brother and the tribes strongest warrior. So I did my normal routine today but trust me being kidnapped was not on my schedule.

I woke up early because of my talking drums lesson believe me if it weren’t for my mom forcing me into taking it I would have been enjoying myself with my friends we would go out and practice fighting’s I went down took a beef leg and then ran out because my mother always says that we have to eat together .I took a bite of my beef leg it tasted different must have been our cook was captured. Another lost, how could others ignore this…

“Younger brother, Volmaan!” yelled Hoop my older brother the tribe leader.
Yes that’s my name Volmaan it means full moon in Afrikaans I was named that because I was born in a full moon unlike my brother’s name Hoop that’s a cool name it means hope because my mom wanted him to be the one who gives the tribe hope.
“Yes chief” I replied shaking all over he might be my brother but he is a strict chief he thinks by being stiff he will make us less worried about the kidnap.
“We need more meat a man has just died and….”
I stopped him and said “kidnapped”
He looked angry but continued “his family doesn’t have anything to eat”
“yes brother” I felt sorry for that wife and the kids they must feel scared just like how we felt when our father “died” as Hoop would say.

Part 2

I Will Not Be Caught. Or will I?

There it was, I jumped forward, as if I was just barging through a door, it was surprised. I plunged forward, I was used to chasing animals, mostly deer’s, but, instead of hearing two peaceful footsteps in the untouched but natural, silent forest I heard 5, it was like a beat “tug...tug.tug, tug, tug”. There it was my signal to run, a gunshot. I only had one option, run.

I ran around trees, I also ran in circles, but, whoever was following me ran fast, seriously fast. They also knew this area perfectly. The forest however was on my side because I knew it enough to trick them into changed paths. Even though I’ve been in many fights , I was frightened because this might be my last time to see my family my last times to lie eyes on my brother ,my mother.

The footsteps faded away. I still ran I was so happy because I came out alive and untouched so I wasn’t paying attention .I felt a sting of pain on my wrist what is this it was hard, grey and shiny “Ahhhhhhhh” what is this, what is this! I tried to rip it off but it was tight it grabbed my other wrist.

“How much do we have here?” A white man came out of the bushes he looked sad to see me but trust me if these things weren’t on I would seriously give him something to be sad about I ran forward but this thing was holding me back “100 pounds I say”. Just then two black men came out holding the end of the thing.
“How dare you do this to your own kind” I spit towards the one holding my right wrist. I turned around to spit on the other, but I stopped and stared. Father.
That was there chance, they pushed me forward. I felt weak, I was weak. I was weak because whose father was their ticket to death.

They forced me to the coastline I was frightened but I was shocked too because people from many tribes were there, locked up in cages, at least some were. They all were frightened, mostly the ones who were “escorted” or should I say forced into the boats that appears to be called “Zong 1717”.

The ship was large you could tell the people that were “escorted” to the boat were struggling to get the grey thing off but the more they struggle the more they got whipped .They struggled because well who wouldn’t you were forced to your death, I wasn’t going to struggle because I knew I couldn’t do anything. If I could choose I would die on the spot, but I want to meet my father talk to him, listen to him, and see him.

Part 3
I was lying down on my personal toilet.
The ship smelled disgusting it smelled like waste and rotten egg, mostly because if nature is calling you just got to go in your place no one nobody will question you but I was embarrassed everyone around me was “going” and I held it in the man next to me started yelling and screaming apparently he came in hours before me looks like when he was forced in he was whipped many times mostly on his leg, looks like his urine has touched his wound. His feces stuck on the leg it looked as if it had a mud bath. He got an infected leg his face went red and sweaty his hands were shaky like an earthquake suddenly he stopped no sound came from him not even a breath his body lay there motionless. He died.

No one cared no one noticed because we were scared for our lives will we live? Will we live to see the light of another day or will we meet death.
“Oy, men, one died” a white man that appears to be the watch guard said so.
“There goes 100 shingles” he paused it was the captain you could tell by his hat “to the sharks” he said grabbing the man’s leg “disgusting” he dropped the leg as if it were a piece of unwanted junk. The men dragged the dead body
by his legs he dragged it up the stairs “kaboom...Kaboom” his head hit the steps while dragging him up.

They gave us something to eat when they came back “here” they put some for me. It was white a man on my side said “eat, eat the white man food be strong so we can fight them “yes” I ate it .It tasted bad it was no meat for sure it was not to be eaten, well not by us at least. It made me sick but I just threw up where I was.
“get up ,it’s time to exercise” he grabbed us out my back was bleeding it had rashes my skin was off the only thing left was my flesh my pink flesh even my flesh had holes in it ,it also was infected with what appears to be my vomit.

They pulled me out my eyes was in pain because I hadn’t seen the sun for 2 days even the fresh air amazed me. “Dance” they started whipping us “dance” a man pulled water from the ocean. He threw it at us it was salty one of us fell on the floor because he was in pain. “Get up” a man pulled him up.
“He’s sick” a white man said
“Throw him over board don’t want to waste food do we?”
“Yes sir”
They grabbed him he wouldn’t obey “please” he begged them he was on his knees with his head down tears were dropping one by one. This man gave away his pride to beg to stay alive he looked up it was an unwanted sight.

“Filthy creatures” the captain said. He kicked the man “throw him over board”
Men dragged him to the side of the ship “no” he yelled “no” they pushed him over board “splash” the ocean roared it was as if it loved us to die. It was as if it was yelling “die die”.
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