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Rated: 13+ · Essay · Personal · #1829604
Character sketch for school project

This is the one guy in my life that I can be myself around and he won’t care. Most guys think I’m quiet and weird, he finds me loud and crazy, but I am also his bestfriend. It’s actually really weird how I met him because if it weren’t for me changing my classes because of my ex, I wouldn’t even be in that class. As I first saw him, all I saw was some hyped up kid that hopped around the track helping random people. Then one day Livvy was freaking out on me about Jake or something so I decided to walk with him and Brandon. Now I don’t ever want to lose him.

I would like you to meet Todd Daywalker Chandler; somewhat tall, skinny, and not that built if you look at him, but he is a lot stronger than you think. His dream is to join the military at 25 years old, and yet he is only 17. Not many people like Todd, cal me crazy but I’m not afraid to say he’s my bestfriend just as I am his. Lots of people find him awkward, annoying, but very cheerful and happy. He has more enemies than friends. His brunette hair comes across his face almost hiding his brown, glassy eyes to give him a sort of “emo look.” But it will be cut pretty soon. The stubbles on his cheeks and chin make him look a little older but still not his age and when he talks his lips move out and downward. If you ask me, his voice is annoying but I love it. Honestly, about him joining the army, I can see him coming up to the sergeant’s face and back talk him saying, “What did you tell me to do?!” It’s funny, really, but he knows his limits. This might sound weird, but I’m actually half of what he is, as in I’m hyper, random, and as Butch would say, “Awesome?!” I think that’s why we work so well together, we understand each other more than anyone else would.

As restless as a playful puppy, Todd could run around the world twice before I do a lap around the track. He can be an asshole at times, but he apologizes, hugs me, and confesses to what he is, but he is only joking. You can never take him seriously. He does get his “really serious, I know what I’m doing” moments, when his eyes get wide and he spits out his words. When he isn’t serious, anything that comes out of his mouth is perverted along with the quote “giggity.” He loves the outdoors and tends to hurt him self easily, but not severely. He also has a slight obsession with video games, but he would much rather talk to his friends online then play Splatterhouse for 7 hours. Todd Chandler is one goofy kid, but he has the best personality a guy could have.

After my bestfriend went to homecoming with my ex, my dad come home with cancer. All the stress was put on me and I became depressed, I couldn’t seep, and I wasn’t eating well. As I started taking to Todd, I realized there was actually someone in this world that cared for me, as a friend or more. I talk to him every day on end and I have lunch with him every A2 and B2 day. I met some of his friends, and had laughs with him in class. Then I knew that I had fallen in love and I didn’t want to ruin this. So I kept to myself and didn’t tell anyone my feeling for him so that they didn’t bounce back to him. He broke up with his girlfriend for other reasons that had nothing to do with me and then we planned out our whole lives even though I cried almost the whole time.

Todd M. Daywalker Chandler will be my bestfriend for a long time, if not forever. I don’t care what anyone else thinks so I’ll just blow it out now. I love him no matter what happens between us and I will never lose him as a friend. Hopefully this will turn out a lot better than my last relationship and will last a very long time.
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