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another journal entry from a poet's perspective
Sorry it took so long but I like my manager to see me doing “work related” things, and she’s gone now and I’ve changed into my converse sneakers. (My dress shoes suck so when she leaves I’m “free” lol, well at least in my shoe apparel)

I read today about your mind being a shiny, untouchable white pearl, that is void of all thought- just pure observation. I’m going to be working on trying to see that pearl in my mind…constantally… by doing these walks called “genius gazing”, which has nothing to do with being smart, but is basically walking around and focusing on that “pure awareness” state, just absorbing everything with out thought… hearing the silence between the noise kind of thing, or eliminating any perceptive “filter” I’ve developed over the years. It’s really nice… Peaceful…. A deep, warm feeling of contentment, a sense of peace without a sense of place….

Anyways, I just had a lady call and ask if tanning in a thong would be allowed at our hotel…. HA…. Hell ya, I work that day too.

Anyways, I’m going to go read some more, maybe go “genius gazing” again- the weather is perfect sweatshirt weather- maybe draw or write something that I like, and possible someone else might like as well…

Oh well, I’m off for now, I’ll write you again if anything comes up.

May the sun be your backup warmth!


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