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What I wish for on writing.com
Many times i have visited the information explaining the upgrades. Yes, I am very thankful for the upgrade which I currently have; because of the generosity of many people here at writing.com, however, the premium upgrade keeps calling me. I wish I had enough time to save up the required gift points, so that I could afford to get it and shut it up *Smile*

This upgrade would enable me to do many more activities for the benefit of many people here at writing.com; especially for disABILITY WRITERS GROUP. This group is growing and doing well. We will be active here as much as possible so that we can spread joy through out the writing.com community.

Perhaps in the future, there will be a way to acquire an upgrade using gift points along with some cash. I also hope that eventually there will be a payment method so that two payments per month could be made for an upgrade of premium membership and above. If not, I understand because it is an expensive and time consuming undertaking to do this.

I will continue to wish and hope. I will work on saving gift points, I will be patient and wait because what is worth having is worth waiting and working for, which makes reaching this goal of having this premium upgraded membership more precious.

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