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The Essence of Obligations or Principles+

                                            Do you love yourself?

      It is difficult to be objective, but essentially this simple question will determine
                                            your love life.

      All life needs to reproduce. This is the primary function of Love. The simplest
      living cell loves life and seeks immortality in its offspring. Love is fluid in this

                                            What is selfless love?

      The sense of fairness and justice, which humans possess by the need for
      social acceptance and yearning for a higher meaning is the love of another.
      This is a martyr complex and heroic.+

                                            Is sexual love pure?

      The transcendent love is spiritual, yet it can be expressed in sexual union.
      The simplest creature will defend their young to the death. This is the love
      of offspring from sexual union.

      Saint Agnes school in Massachusetts tells of the saintly nun's life.
      Saint Agnes dreamed of a sexual union with Jesus Christ, while he was
      crucified. From this passionate dream she devoted herself to the Church
      and a life of celibacy. This is transcendent love.

                                            Is Love Good?

        Every living creature loves. The pattern is as follows to love life and find
        a mate and defend the offspring. Human notions of civil law, secular law,
        state law supersedes these instincts and are used to judge them.
        Polygamy is legal in some states and not in others.
        The age of consent between sexual partners varies from one district to
        another. These are a few examples of human intervention in sexual

        Prohibitions, commands, obligations imposed by authority or custom
        to control behavior are the laws of society and religious law.
        Their intent is to reinforce group cohesion and religious dogma.
        A natural instinct is whatever perpetuates the species. It is not sentimental
        or monogamous. It is driven by necessity.

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