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by Marcus
Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Career · #1831590
This is to tell a story of how this character became a teacher (This is not a true story.)
(This is not a true story)

I am currently a math teacher in High School, and I teach grades 9-10. I honestly can say that I love my job! I am a married man who lives in an apartment who pays rent every month as the teaching salary is just enough I need to pay for everything. Sure grading papers, and thinking about what I'm going to talk about to my students to make it just as easy and simple for them to learn. But I love the challenge. Going back in time to my high school days as a teenager. If you knew me, I would be the last person you would think would actually be as successful as I am today as a teacher. Truth is, I came from hard times during these days. You see, when I was just 12 years old both of my parents died in a car accident. The news came to me 2 days later after their tragic death, I remember breaking down in tears when I heard. My older brother who was only 18 at the time had to take charge as my legal guardian, because of me he was forced to delay going to college to avoid leaving me by my self. The job he had barely paid him enough witch made things even harder. In High School I always kept to myself because I never trusted the students around me. I even remember there was this group of guys who would always try to pick on me. But one day when I was in the 9th grade my science teacher told us that even though he came from a rough childhood (like me) he still prevailed and achieved his dream. I realized I wanted to be a teacher when I saw the joy that teachers actually get out of their job. Now here's where it get's interesting. I knew that if I want to succeed in becoming a teacher I would have to get accepted into a college and really focus on my grades. My grades at the time was somewhat of a disaster. In order to prevent from that, I went to tutoring spent my whole free time doing my work and studying real hard. It took some time but I finally graduated High School with a 4.0 GPA, after that it was time to apply for colleges. I lived in Florida at the time and applied for most universities there but the one university I really wanted to go to was the University of Michigan. I of course applied for that one too. But I had my doubts I wouldn't be accepted. But I was still happy because my brother would finally be able to go to college too. So that way he can get a good job and not have to watch over me all the time.

2 weeks had passed and I got an acceptance letter from all the schools I applied to. I of course decided to go to Michigan, witch I was very lucky to be on a Scholarship because my family was struggling with money. My next step was majoring in Education and Math since I wanted to be a teacher. College years were even more challenging, but that never stopped me from getting my Bachelors degree. Over time when I was a senior in college I was looking at schools that I could teach at, and what type of teacher I would be like? And I remembered those words that my 9th grade teacher who inspired me to become a teacher in the first place said, the were "The only one who could judge you, is yourself." Fast forwarding I finally graduated my 4 years of college and will be going back later to get my masters. But for now I want to get the first experiences in teaching, and witch I chose to teach at the High School I went to. Why? Because it was one school that I'm actually familiar with, first day was challenging, and I actually had to send a few students out of class but I actually like doing this, and I think this was well worth the wait. I try teaching math just as easy and fun as it can be, and I know that they enjoy being in my class. It is well worth to say that I love my job!

Now why don't you, make your dream come true?
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