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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Erotica · #1832166
Imponderable fuzzy logic...

  a)      Is Lady Ga Ga a porn star?

        What is porn?

        answer: The use of erotic writing and or images for sexual pleasure.

        Yup, she's a porn star.

  b)      Why doesn't Barrack Hussein Obama invade Canada?

        Their not that tough and they have really tasty maple syrup.

        Beside they also have weapons of mass destruction: The Canadian Maple Leafs.

        Let's invade Canada and balance our budget with slave Canadian labor!

  c)    If I spank Angeline Jolie and she likes it, is it a punishment?

        No. But, someone should spank her... Brad's job?

  d)    If you want to drown, shoot and or dismember your loved ones,

        why not get a separation?  Divorce and put the brats up for

                              adoption this Christmas.

        Ho! Ho! Ho!

    ? ^
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