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A few quotations from my novel, The Shadow.
"Today, I have set myself a mission. It's extremely difficult. But, heaven is beyond hell"

"Take a clean plate. Spit on it. Now try licking your own spit back. Although it was in your mouth just a second ago, you will find it very hard to do so. Logic justifies it, but your mind won't accept it. That's how irrational we humans are !"

"See, not with your eyes, but with your heart. Only then you will be able to see beyond the great illusion"

"Brandy doesn't cause intoxication. A bottle of brandy never gets intoxicated. To a hungry tiger, Nicole Kidman is as sexy as meat balls are to us. To some, you are a life saver. To others, you are a pain in the ass" -- Farooq Ahmed

"Heaven or hell, jingle bell !!" -- Major Daniel nodded thoughtfully and pulled the trigger.

"You've got to be kidding me. They died the moment they kissed eachother?" DoDo scratched his head, "I never thought bad breath could be so deadly" he muttered.

"Your lover is never wrong. He is too kind, and she is an angel" Farooq Ahmed

"‎I am an ordinary man. I am an extraordinary man as well. Ordinary to you, extraordinary to myself." -- Farooq Ahmed

‎"Everything that happens in this world happens for a reason. Some live happily while others suffer. Reasons. Countries fight. Genocides are committed. Reasons and more reasons. Everything is justified. Everything is fine. I chose power and attained it. Whatever I did to gain it is justified by the very fact that I did it and it happened. Happening and Being are the only justifications this life offers. Don't be a righteous fool. Join me and you will still be right" -- The Dark King

"Silence", TH-1 roared "I don't want to listen to rubbish. Let him play his game. When the show gets over, I will pull the curtain and you will see Dark King trapped in a cage" --TH-1/The Hidden One

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