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Rated: 13+ · Serial · Action/Adventure · #1833188
A twisted story of war, horror, and betrayal. 1st of series.
July 2011



"Code Red! All ranks above Staff Sergeant should report to Sector 25 immediately!"

         First Lieutenant Victor Willman checked his atomic watch. 3:00 A.M. I hate caffeine. He yawned gloomily and reached for his portable calendar. February 17, 2022- damn the communists. Lieutenant Willman changed to his uniform, loaded his G36e, and headed out of his room. Marked on the calendar was RESISTANCE.

         As usual, Willman arrived later than everyone else. "Lieutenant, form up in rank!" Colonel John Willman bellowed irritably. The soldier hurriedly lined up next to his life-long friends, Second Lieutenant Jane Hilton, and First Lieutenant Keith Kim. They exchanged greetings using glances and looked up to see Colonel Willman with a map shown up on the screen above.

         "The world is in a crisis, soldiers.The Great Republic Korean Army has already seized the Pacific shores of the United States. Our general mission is to stop these invaders from gaining more land within our nation," the colonel spoke up. "That is why I, with the permission of the president, created the S.A.S." The screen diverted from the map to an insignia of S.A.S. "Special Assault Services-the most professional assassins in the nation. You have been selected to participate completely in this service."

         The colonel firmly gazed over his soldiers and stopped midway at Victor. They made strong eye contact for a few moments and then the colonel spoke again. "Your ultimate duty is to strike the goddamn communists unexpectedly. I-and the nation, expect your highest performance in battle. Remember-approach like a ghost, strike like  thunder, and vanish like a fog. You are dismissed."

         Lieutenant Victor Willman turned around to view the American flag. After quietly reciting the allegiance, he vowed to protect his home at all costs.

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