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Four guys in a frozen pond talk.
“C-c-cold,” Joe said, as he and three others stood in the ice-filled pond.

“W-w-what do you ex-expect when it’s 20* Fahrenheit out?” one of the others, Bob, said. “Of course it’s going to be cold.”

“I just wonder whose bright idea it was to be here,” said a second man, Mike.

“I think that was Sam,” said the last man. “He gets the idea for a charity and picks the four of us to do it instead of him.”

“I hope I survive this long enough to quit working for him,” Joe stuttered. “I think my nuts just became ice cubes.”

“My ass is freezing,” said Mike.

“I’m getting frostbite,” Bob said.

“I just want to drown Sam in this water,” said the other man.

“Why do you want to do that?” Joe asked.

“Because this is racial discrimination to me,” the man said. “I’m Eskimo you know.”

“So you have no problems with the water?” Bob asked.

“No, but the idea that I wouldn’t mind being in the cold makes me cold,” the man said. “In fact, I’m getting out right now.” He then grabbed a metal ramp and began climbing out of the pond.

“I thought that skin stuck to cold metal,” Mike said.

“He must be colder than that,” Joe said, as the three men watched their companion run towards a group of people, who were wearing heavy winter coats. They then saw their companion tackle the one wearing the most expensive outfit.

“Uh oh,” Bob said, as the man’s clothes were torn off. “Sam’s in hot water now.”

“I think he’s going to be cold in a second,” Joe grinned as their companion picked up the executive, and came running back.

Moments later, Joe and the others walked out, with their boss still screaming at them.

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