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from sometime in 2007
This is self-inflicted
And sometimes I don't know what to say.
Destruction of my mind.
Wanna drown myself in you.
Sometime I wanna get caught up
In the rush of some lie.
I wanna hold you and
Pretend everything's alright.
Make me wonder what it's like
To sleep next to you at night.
I wanna feel you on the inside.
Feel you on the inside.
Makes me wonder what it's like
To sleep next to you at night.

So let's make-believe
This wasn't self inflicted
It was merely well predicted.
Is it wrong? or is it right?
Can't decipher the signals inside.
I'm afraid of me

I can't be too close
But I can't stay away from you.
Can't get you off my mind.
Can I make you mine tonight?

I wanna drown myself in you.
So let's make believe.

All those thing you said
all those detailed words you spoke
As you put your hands all over me.
Let's get caught up in this lie
He'll never know I'm with you tonight.

This is self-inflicted
The destruction of my mind
I dont care if it's wrong
I don't care if it's right.
The only thing I know is I'm yours tonight.
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