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Megan's friends give her a Wedding shower.
George slept with Megan that night and he snored. Megan laughed. She petted the big mastiff puppy. She loved animals and she knew that Jennifer loved them. Charlie slept with Jennifer. Jennifer woke up worrying about George but she found him sleeping on Megan's bed. She shook her head. She loved Megan but Megan wasn't getting one of her puppies. She would get Megan a cat when they got back from France.

The next morning, Jennifer was up early picking up the feathers from the pillow that the puppies had destroyed. Megan got up later with George running ahead of her on the steps. She didn't mind George sleeping with her. Picking up the feathers from the pillow was another matter. Vicki had fried bacon and eggs. She had made chocolate cake and Megan loved Vicki's cooking.

Jennifer sat down at the table to eat. "Are you trying to steal George?" Jennifer asked. She was only kidding.

"I had my door shut and he was out there whining. I felt sorry for him and let him in. He is a gentle beast even though he is a holy terror."

"I know. I wish I could take them to France with us." Jennifer loved the bacon as she ate a piece.

"I don't think they will alllow them through customs."

"Customs? I suppose they have rules. That sucks."

"What sucks? Vicki and Bill came into the room. Bill greeted the women and sat down to eat.

"Rules about no dogs on ships." Jennifer answered.

"Yes, they probably don't allow dogs but the boys are welcome here. We will take good care of them." Vicki loved animals, too.

"I know but I will miss them. Meeting Bradley's parents, I will have to be a lady. I wonder if I will need to curtsy? I will have to when I meet the Queen." Jennifer sighed.

"Bradley's parents may be as nice as he is. We do have to be ladies. First impressions are everything." Megan drank her tea still wishing it was a Diet Pepsi.

"I know. I will practice being a lady on the ship." Jennifer noticed Bill feeding the puppies bacon. "Bill, you will spoil them."

"They are growing dogs." Bill smiled. Jennifer knew the babies were in good hands.

Vicki looked at the clock. Megan and Jennifer noticed.

"Any reason you are looking at the clock?" Megan asked.

"No. In our time, it was easy to know what time it is. Here, not so easy." Vicki answered.

"I know. I want to be here with Miles so I can endure anything." Megan excused herself and went outside to feed Jasper.

After Megan was out of ear shot, Jennifer said. "She has no idea we are giving her a Bridal Shower. This will be nice for Megan."

"I know. Megan will be happy with Miles. The man thinks she walks on water." Vicki and Jennifer smiled.

Megan petted Jasper. "I am leaving for France tomorrow. I will miss you. When Miles and I get married, you will live with us. You will be in the barn there, too." Megan hugged Jasper as he nibbled on her hair.

Megan sat in the hay with Jasper on her lap and Jasper slept. She thought she had better go back into the house. She felt she couldn't be happier. She walked into the house and noticed Vicki and Jennifer were all dressed up.

"What is the occassion ?" Megan asked.

"We are having guests." Vicki smiled.

"Anyone I know?" Megan asked.

"Yes, you know them." Vicki wasn't saying anymore and Jennifer had a crap eating grin on her face. Megan went upstairs to get dressed. She put on the lavender dress with the pearls on it. She put lavender combs in her hair. She wondered if Queen Elizabeth was coming over. No. Vicki and Jennifer wouldn't have been so calm. Megan wore pearls with the dress. She was ready to greet who ever was coming over.

Megan went downstairs. "Do I pass inspection?" she asked.

"Of course. You look beautiful." Jennifer smiled. George started to jump on Megan. Bill gently grabbed him and took him and Charlie with him outside.

Vicki, Jennifer and Megan sat on the couch. Megan was a little nervous. Just then a carriage pulled up. It was Mrs. Dawson. Vicki let her in. Mrs. Dawson kissed Megan's cheek.

"You look lovely, my Dear." Mrs. Dawson had her white gloves on with a lacy powder blue dress. Megan thought the woman had style.

"Would you like some tea?" Vicki asked.

"Yes, I would." Mrs. Dawson sat on one of the winged back chairs.

Vicki got Mrs. Dawson a cup of tea.

"Megan I hear you are getting your dress in France."

"Yes. I hear France has great dress designers."

"Yes, they do. I have bought a lot of dresses that were designed in France."

Another carriage pulled up. Megan wondered who was here now. Jane, Mrs. Austen and Cassandra came to the door. Vicki let them in. Jane hugged Megan and Cassandra and Mrs. Austen did, too.

"We are giving you a Bridal Shower." Jennifer's eyes gleemed. Megan hugged Jennifer and Vicki.

"This is so nice. Thank you." Megan was happy.

"Mr. Austen sends you his best wishes. He approves of Miles." Mrs. Austen went along with Mr. Austen on everything.


"Thank you, Mrs. Austen." Megan drank her tea.

Tea was served to Mrs. Austen, Jane and Cassandra.

"Shall we get started?" Vicki asked.

"Sure. Where are the gifts? asked Mrs. Dawson.

"Gifts?" asked Megan.

"Sure. What is a Bridal Shower without gifts? The gifts were delivered in secret. " Jennifer smiled.

Vicki and Jennifer went to the room off Vicki and Bill's room and bought out gifts.

Vicki handed Megan a big box. The box was full of blue willow dishes. "Mr. Dawson and wanted you to have these. Miles doesn't have many dishes at his place."

The dishes were beautiful and Megan loved them. "Thanks. They are beautiful." Megan hugged Mrs. Dawson.

Next were candle sticks that were gold plated. These were from Mrs. Austen. Megan thanked Mrs. Austen. Cassandra gave Megan a framed picture. It was a painting of her and Miles.

"This is beautiful, Cassandra." Megan hugged Cassie and she smiled but was shy.

Jane handed Megan a book of poems. "I wrote these." Megan was in awe. She opened the book. The book was signed Jane Austen. Megan felt so lucky. She hugged Jane. She also handed Megan a copy of PRIDE AND PREJUDICE. Megan really felt lucky.

Vicki handed Megan a box of tea cups that had red and blue birds on them and she also gave her a box of tea. Megan hugged Vicki.

Jennifer handed Megan a jewlery box with red roses painted on it. Megan opened it. There was a blue stone necklace, pearl earrings and a heart necklace with Megan and Miles name on it. Megan hugged Jennifer. Jennifer whispered: "I wanted to get a male stripper but Mr. Darcy wasn't available." Megan laughed.

"When we get back from France, I will get you a kitten."

"You are the best." Megan said to Jennifer.

Vicki served lemon tarts and an orange cake. Megan and Jennifer helped Vicki serve their guests.

"Will you write to me when you are in France?" asked Jane.

"Of course. You will have to write me about any balls you attend."

"I would love to. Maybe I will meet a young man." Jane smiled.

"He would have to meet your father's approval." Mrs. Austen reminded Jane.

POOR JANE. thought Megan and Jennifer.

"I will hang your painting on the wall at Miles' house. It is a lovely painting." exclaimed Mrs. Dawson.

"Would anyone like more tea? asked Vicki.

Cassandra and Mrs. Austen accepted.

"If it is okay with you, I will take your presents and leave them at Miles." Mrs. Dawson offered.

"I would like that, Mrs. Dawson."

"You can call me Mom."

"Mom." Megan hugged Mrs. Dawson.

The clock chimed four times and Mrs. Austen told the girls they had better go home. They hugged Megan and Jennifer.

"I will miss you but I will be writing a new novel. I think I will write a novel like the romance between you and Miles."

"I would love that. I will miss you, too. I will bring you something nice from France." Megan promised.

"I would like that." Jane kissed Megan's cheek. Jane was glad she had her writing. Her parents could be stuffy at times.

The Austens had left and Mrs. Dawson said she had to depart, too. Megan, Jennifer and Vicki put the gifts in Mrs. Dawson's carraige. Megan kept the jewelery box and contents with her. Megan felt she had the best friends in the world.

Mrs. Dawson kissed Megan's cheek and said she would put the gifts in the house. Megan loved Mrs. Dawson. Mrs. Dawson left. The boys were back in town and came running through the house. Megan laughed as they jumped on the couch. They were definitely healthy, growing dogs.

Vicki gave Bill a roast beef sandwich and some tomatoes and cheese. He ate some lemon tarts and chocolate cake.

Bradley and Miles arrived at 6:00PM. Miles kissed Megan.

"You got some nice gifts. Mom put the picture of us on the wall and put the new dishes away and put the candle holders up. You can rearrange things after we get back from France."

"I am sure your mother did a good job."

"How are the children? asked Bradley. He swung Jennifer around.

"They are into everything." Jennifer smiled.

Just then the big boys came bouncing in to see Bradley. He petted them and smiled.

"I will miss them." Jennifer looked sad.

"They will be alright. Don't worry."

Megan and Jennifer went and got their canvas bags and had all the stuff they needed to take to France with them. Bradley and Miles put the bags into the carriage and they said good bye to Vicki and Bill. They promised to watch the dogs. Megan hugged the dogs and Jennifer cried and stroked their fur. She would miss them. Megan and Jennifer left with Bradley and Miles. They were excited to go to France. They were leaving England for awhile. They can hardly wait. Love and a trip to France. Not bad for this century.

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