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I am looking forward to spring
The night is cold,
My bones are old,
They groan in pain.

I hear thunder,
Way out yonder,
Does it mean rain?

A late night freeze
No leaves on trees,
Spring on my brain.

Line Count: 9
Form: Rhupunt is composed of 3, 4, or 5 line per stanza (the poet’s choice). There is no limit to the stanza, but the poem must contain at least 2 stanza. Each line has 4 syllables. Rhyme scheme for the 3-line Rhupunt is aab, ccb, ddb, eeb, etc. Rhyme scheme for the 4-line Rhupunt is aaab, cccb, dddb, eeeb, etc. Rhyme scheme for the 5-line Rhupunt is aaaab, ccccb, ddddb, eeeeb, etc.
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