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by light
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a poem dedicated to my horse that I rescued when she was just 6 months old
I stand back to admire your proud stance
You look down upon  me with dark, inquisitive eyes
you nudge me, asking for a treat
ears forward, a toss of your regal head
we walk single file, I'm always in the lead
never, side by side
I'm first your master
second your friend
you are my escape,
the holder to my secret words
you see me at my worst
you channel my best
together we have traveled valleys and mountains
we have seen rivers and falls freely flowing
you allow my eyes to see hidden worlds
we run with the deer and the moose alike
sometimes boulders and logs spook you,
and I almost truly fly,
I have laughed with you,
I have cried in your hair
I allow your scent to engulf me,
Time with you excites me,
It brings the inner me free
I love you Tory,
I love my friend,
I love my horse
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