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Trying to identify my strong feelings for someone.

I find myself preoccupied,
Preoccupied with thoughts of love.
Loving, wanting love, giving,
Giving, maybe where it is not wanted.
Wanting what cannot be.
Being held to the task – but not receiving.
Receiving – isn’t that what we want; to receive back?
Back from our giving, caring, and loving.

Why, why do I insist?
Insisting to know what might be
Being preoccupied with its delight.
Delight of the “high” I constantly feel.
Feeling, wanting to know your total “being”.
Being in the moment of how things really are.
Are feelings sensible, realistic, true?
Truth as I know or truth as I want?

Time seems to help put all into perspective.
Perspective can help with the truth?
Truth! Can truth help define feelings?
Feelings; what is this feeling I have?

By Seabreeze 12/28/11*Heart*
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