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by MelJ.W
Rated: E · Other · Detective · #1837374
second part of victorian mystery the truth is revealed.
Jane stood up obediently and silently led the detective to the library, the books were piled high, towering above them. The books surrounded several desks and some elderly yet appealing chairs. When he had sat, cautiously next to Edward's desk, Jane sat. Edward was the eldest sibling of Jane and was studying at a University a long distance away. He looked at her, making her feel uncomfortable, the house was near a village so she had seen him strolling when she went shopping with the maid. "So, what do you think happened?" he said sincerely, slowly and clearly. Jane knew she was being interrogated but she couldn't help thinking about the glass pieces. By tea time the detective had been told everything by Jane, the facts and theories, even offering to show him the stairs. He declined.

Now Jane sat in the dining room with the family, looking out the window at the setting sun and the curious birds fluttering around the window. The maid was putting away mainly uneaten plates of food to the sound of the very loud ticking clock, she lifted the last dish and left the room. The detective entered, followed by the ,still flustered, doctor. Then came the maid and cook, the policeman was standing in the doorway. The cook and maid sat down at the long table as the detective started to speak; "from my first glance at the...body... I knew that he had been hit with a great force,one person in this room killed poor Jhon."
Jane's mother looked like she would start crying again."With this clue i ruled out Mrs Larson,the cook and the maid, this only left the siblings." Mrs Larson had watery eyes as she looked around the table."Jane, you were apparently coming out of your room after you all heard the 'clatter' as you described it. I know you would never do something to harm your brother. You helped me the most to discover the real-" Suddenly he was interrupted by the middle brother
"I...I did...I killed him!" He was sobbing hard and burying his face in his hands. "At...at school, he was saying he had ...the vase!" The sobbing continued as everyone looked at him in amazement. "I was telling him how it was bad...to show of and ...I told him it was Edwards and ...he just...just mocked me...teased me, so I handed him the vase and went back to my room and then...he screamed and I left my room ...he was at the bottom of the stairs!"
"As much as I admire your attempt to own up, I think you will find you are innocent, you may have helped, but you...did not." He turned and slightly leaned over the youngest of the children. "Now, Jonathon,will you please describe to this household what you used to kill your brother?"
"What?" Jonathon said nervously shifting in his chair.
"I'll help you then shall I? Well, ladies and gentlemen, he was probably hiding behind the podeom of this, apparently, butiful blue and whight glass vase with the detailed pattern all the way arround it that was given to Mr larson from his aunt and then given to Edward when Mr larson died three years ago according to the rather perseptive Jane who noticed the shards of glass at the top of the stairs that is all that is left of the vase and thanks to Sophia," the detective turned towards Janes sister "I know that the hard time at school added with the overhearing of that conversation led too..." he turned back to the smallest boy "You taking the vase from him and thrusting it against his brow."
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