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Dear Kevin,
         I miss you. Please come home, Samara is sick again. She needs her big brother, everyday she asks where you are, she loves you. We were all very sad when you did not come home for Christmas. I even cooked your favorite dessert, triple chocolate cake just in case you came. The doctors say there is nothing that will help Samara; they have no clue what to do. We are all super scared. Samara acts tough because she knows you would be mad at her if she cried; she looks up to you Kev. It would mean the world to all of us if you came home. Samara keeps saying you will come home because she saw it in her dream. She is having these crazy dreams lately. I love you.

Love, Mama

Dear Mom,
         I got you letter. Tell Samara her dream was right, I am booking a plane home right as we speak. Do not think this means I forgive you because I don’t, I am coming home to see Samara and that is it.
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