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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Fantasy · #1838570
Parmeet has a tiny little man.
    My name is Dan, or well at least it was Dan once upon a time.  Until the day I met Parmeet.  It was a normal enough day when we met.  I had been running through the parkway and stopped on a bench just off the trail.  She was walking along the trail with her family.  They passed my by, but my eyes lingered on her.  She was quite attractive, with dark Indian skin and hair.  She had on a simple white t-shirt and red shorts, so I could tell she was more 'Americanized' then traditional.  She glanced back at me, and that is when it happened.  Suddenly,  I shrunk down to just an inch tall.  She had done it of course, but i did not know that at the time.  I just found my self grabbed by her giant hand and dropped into a pocket.  Soon enough I found myself in her home, in her spare bed room to be exact.  I was placed in a fair sized metal cage, with all the tiny comforts of home.  She explained simply that she needed me, but gave me little chance to answer or say anything at all.  And so I begun my life as Parmeet's tiny man.

    Much of my day was spent alone, other then the couple of seconds she came into the room to bring food during the day, or clean up after things in my cage.  She was always absolutely quiet during these times, and I found that she would not talk at all, even slightly.  She spent her day doing whatever she did all day, leaving me alone in the room.  A typical day left me alone until about seven at night, just after she had made dinner and taken a shower.  She would then enter the room, dressed only in a gold silk robe.  And only then would she remove me from my cage.  She would remove her robe and lay naked on the bed, and then place me on her belly.  The rules, as they were, were simple enough.  I was to walk and climb all over her and simply do whatever I could by the way of touching her and making her feel good.  She did not care much where I wandered, except for two places, her vagina and her feet.  Other then that, I was mostly free to roam. 

    I thought about escape, of course, more then once.  And several times I found my self standing on the edge of the bed looking down.  I might be able to get off the bed, and maybe even out of the room, and maybe even out of the house.  But then what?  I'd still be a tiny inch tall.  And that was if something did not just squash me too.  So I stayed.  After all being the tiny plaything to a giant woman was not all that bad of a life.  And she did have quite an amazing body. 

    So night after night I explored her body.  Except for her vagina, that I got to go to when she was ready to end the night and her feet.  She simply kept me away from her feet as she did not like her feet very much.  If I started down her leg towards her feet she would just reach down and scoop me up and place me elsewhere on her body.  But from time to time she did allow me to go down to her feet.  I could never quite figure out when she was in the right mood, but from time to time, about once a week, she simply would not stop me.  And I would spend some time playing with her feet.

    When she was ready, she would pick me off of her from wherever I was and look at me for a good couple minutes.  I came to recognize this sign.  After she held me for a bit, she would place me down between her legs.  And that was my sign to finish off the night for her by playing with her pussy.
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