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Recently notified that one of my close friends was killed in action while fighting in Iraq
The ultimate sacrifice
For the freedom of your country
Giving everything you have
Giving your life
To defend our country
And her freedom

A loved one dead
The tears of his family
Falling off of their cheeks
And into mother earth

A 22 year old
Too young to die
A whole life ahead of him
Ripped from his hands

The pleasures of his own family
The love of his own children
Something he will never have
Something his family can never look forward to

A young man
Brave enough to go to Iraq
To fight for what he believes

A young man
Only in Iraq for 56 days
Barely given a chance

A mother and father
Who now have to bury their son

Parents buying their child
Something that should never happen

A young girl
Who knew the family well
Crying to God when she found out

A good friend
Taken from the world
Too soon

A younger brother
Who now has to live without his older brother
So fragile
That it can be swept away
At a moments notice

A young man
Leaving behind those he loves
And those he could have loved

A whole school
Supporting the copy room woman

The copy room woman
And the mother
The same person

Now with the support
Of a whole school behind her

A mother
Who deeply loved her son
Crying out to God
And asking why

God silently answering
He always has a plan for you
Even if you cant see them

For one young man dies
And several other lives are saved.

Chris Patterson
The young man
Who gave his life
To save those around him

Chris Patterson
A brave solider
Who committed an act
That only the best and the bravest
Can follow through

One life taken for several others to be spared

Chris Patterson
In heaven
With God

Looking down on his family
And telling them not to worry
That he is safe
And that he will always be watching over them

Chris Patterson
A hero
For all time
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