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by Mia64
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A humurous look at getting old.
We oldies, as we reach the state of 'Age Pensioner', are obviously considered geriatrics overnight. What a lot of bullsh-------. Just watch, we can still kick dust.

The lawns continue to grow every day,
Though I glare at them every night.
Should they look to be overstepping the line,
Be sure I'll give them a hell of a fright.

The fence posts appear to be on a lean,
or is that the affect of too much red.
Never mind, I can re-strain the supporting wire,
as long as 'how to' will return to my head.

Bugger, I forgot to take my pills,
they're somewhere in the bathroom.
I found them last week in the oven,
a gremlin's fault, to cause my doom.

My dog doesn't seem to understand,
to enter, she must wipe her feet.
I carefully articulate as best I can,
the location of my teeth has got me beat.

Did I say I could still kick dust,
you bet your sweet bippy I can.
I'll show you, I'm going to lay out on the lawn,
once the rain stops, I should have a good tan.
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