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by Mia64
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The release of a wild horse
Run free my friend, you have served your time,
return to the mountains of your birth.
Lift your head to the vast azure sky,
no one could ever deny your worth.

I culled you from a brumby herd,
a yearling full of fight.
You resisted me without sign of fear,
determined to show me your might.

Time went by, but you still persisted,
though a full days work we rode.
A hand on your neck, a quiet word of thanks,
but you still stood, gazing up the road.

We climbed mountains amid torrential storms,
we forded rivers where no one should go.
We raced ahead of a raging bush fire,
my life in your care against all foe.

But still you look to the mountains,
each night when we lay down to rest.
The far off call of a wind driven sound,
run free my friend, you have given your best.
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