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This is a book I am trying to write and I want to know if you guys like it.
Chapter 1
Just an average evening in the Mausham Police Department Special Task Forces division. Detective John Long was sipping his strong black coffee, in a mug given to him by his daughter, Kathy, with the label Number 1 Dad. John is a tall, well-built man with dark brown hair. He has broad shoulders covered in scars from previous encounters with law-breakers. His wife died unfortunately when Kathy was a baby. It was a fire and his wife Rebecca didn't make it out. John blames himself about his wife's death to this day. He lives in Harlem with his child making a living working as a member of the police force. When he began working he was a nobody but then he made a name for himself, and became the most acclaimed detective in New York City. He worked on a lot of cases put a lot of people in jail but he is just one man. He isn't alone though he has a team of two other detectives: Gabriella Sanchez and Brock Pattison.
As John was sitting at his desk sifting through papers his work phone rang and John answered it.
- NYPD John Long speaking. said John.
- Hi, John it's me .
- Oh. Hi Gab.
- The chief told me to tell you to go into his office.
- Did he tell you why?
- He said it was something important.
-Okay, I'll be there right away. Bye.
-See you later.
Once John hung up the phone he put on his raincoat and headed to the chief's office. The chief wasn't very fit because he hadn't done field work for 3 years now. No case was so big that the chief should've gotten deeply involved in. But tonight that was going to change.
Kathy Long was at her friends house when she decided that she had to leave because it was getting late. She is a redhead with green eyes. Her eyes, face, hair and body mostly look liked her mother. She had a slim body and a beautiful face. She wasn't only a pretty face she had the sharpness, insticts, and intelligence of her father. She can take care of herself. She grew up learning who to fight in some fight styles. She's a strong girl and she doesn't worry about people attacking her.
As she was walking down the streets of Mausham she was thinking about what to do with her life after she got fired from her old job as a doctor in a nearby asylum. She worked there as a personal assisstant to Doctor Jones who was killed and the blame was pointed towards her. But then a patient under the care of Doctor Jones testified that he killed Jones so Kathy clean. She had to leave her job to avoid future problems for the asylum. Kathy was happy to leave because the crazies were getting to her. That was the only place she felt unsafe.
She passed a dark alleway 5 blocks away from her house when a dark shape confronted her. The man brought out a knife and demanded Kathy give her all of her money. Kathy warned him to step back and the man lost it. He thurst his knife towards Kathy. She got out of the way just in time. And before the man came to his senses, she punched the man square in the jaw and broke it. The man fell unconcious to the ground. Kathy called the police and explained the situation. She kept on walking just as the police arrived. She went up to her room and saw that the door was open. She had a quizical look and she walked in fearlessly. In the room she was met by a frying pan to the head and fell to the ground.


Chapter 2...
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