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by Smoke
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Letter to myself for the coming year.
Dear Dumbass,

Why? Have you forgotten your dreams? You have the life a lot of 'starving writers' could only hope for! And, for almost nine years, you've all but wasted it. This year you are going to quit sitting around all day feeling sorry for yourself. You’re going to quit wasting all this time wishing for everything to go back the way it used to be. It Cannot.
You have what you always dreamed of when you were younger: all day long, every single day to write...and you get paid every month. Yes, it does suck that you are now permanently disabled. You're still young enough to pick up the pieces, put yourself back together, and make something of it with and through your writing. Don't screw it up!!

1) Finish the four projects you've already committed to.
2) Find a reason to enjoy your life, its still a good one.
3) Pull out, dust off and polish up at least 2 of the novels
in the file cabinets...then submit them.
4) Smile just for the fun of it.
5) Poetry. (You're really not allergic).
6) Accept your new limitations.
7) (This one might hurt) Finish "The Cards".
8) Complete the wrting courses you paid for.
9) Make things right with Jeff.

Now, this may seem like too much all at once, but we both know you can do it. You're a decent writer when you actually write. There is still plenty of time to turn this year around. Use it.

Your Mind.
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