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Megan and Jennifer are with their husbands to be on a ship the way to France.
Jennifer and Megan were on the deck with Bradley and Miles as were the other passengers. The ship was leaving England. Megan felt sad but she knew they would return. She was marrying Miles and she would be living in England the rest of her life. She also missed life in the present but she loved Miles and England was her home. France. She had always wanted to see France. Miles put her arm around her and kissed her cheek. She smiled up at him. Miles looking like Leonardo DiCaprio made her think of "Titanic". She hoped the ship didn't run into any icebergs.

Bradley had his arm around Jennifer. "What do you think?"

"The ocean is beautiful. I think I will love being on this ship."Jennifer thought this was one of the most beautiful sights she had ever seen. The ocean was so huge and blue. The houses and city were starting to be in the distance. Jennifer thought of her mastiff puppies but she knew that they were in good hands.

The ship rocked a little bit and there were some mild winds. Megan hoped it wasn't like the pirate movie where Captain Jack Sparrow and the pirates kept running from one side of the ship to the othere and then they went over the edge. Megan giggled to herself.

"What is so funny? Miles asked her.

"A movie I saw about pirates. They were on a ship and they kept running from one side of the ship to the other. They went over the edge."

"That is funny? A movie? LIke a play you see on a steel box thing you told Bradley and I about?"

"Yes. Movies can be funny even pirate ships going over the edge. Don't worry. It had a happy ending." Megan smiled at Miles. Miles loved her smile.

People on the ship were talking to each other. A few miniutes later, passengers went back to their cabins. Jennifer lit up a cigarette.

A man frowned. "Not very lady like. Are you some kind of lady of the night?" the man asked. He was dressed in a fancy three piece brown suit with a tall hat and brown cape. He had a beard and wasn't good looking but was disthinguised and no doubt a pomperous ass.

"I will lady of the night you upsode the head!" Jennifer pulled back her hand and Bradley grabbed it and kissed it.

"Sir, the next time, you speak to the woman I love like that, you will be wearing your butt for a hat rack. I will thank you to stay out of my way." Bradley glared at the man.

"You have a good trip." The man walked away.

"Darling, I think you had better just come here and smoke at night when others aren't around. Please, don't smoke, drink or swear in front of my mother." Bradley said in a low voice to Jennifer.

Jennifer sighed. "When I get to France, I will be a lady. It wil be hard but I made a promise and I will keep it."

Jennifer went to her cabin. Bradley thought he had better give Jennifer some space for now. Megan told Miles she would see him at lunch. She went to follow Jennifer.

Megan entered the cabin. Jennifer said: "Hey."

"Hi. I heard what happened."

"Women in this time are so stuffy. We need to give these woman a class on how to have fun and be your own person. I love Bradley so much but I am not going to be a Stepford Wife. He isn't going to change me. As for his mother, I hope that old bat will live in France all her life and mine! I refuse to play Mother May I! Mother, may I crap or make love to your son? We should just do it in front of her!" Jennifer wasn't happy.

"We will be in France two months. We won't be with Bradley's family 24-7. We can be ladies for a little awhile. We can do this. Bradley loves you. He doesn't want you to be a Stepford wife. You two were smoking, drinking and kissing when you first met. He doesn't care if you run around naked in front of him. You just have to behave like a lady in public. He wants his parents to love you. After France, you can go back to be Six Pistol Packing Annie!"

Jennifer laughed. "Six Pistol what?"

"Six Pistol Packing Annie. An expression for a rowdy woman. I am glad I made you laugh."

"I needed that. Bradley had better take me as I am after France. Megan, I can't change. I will be a true, loving wife and keep him happy and be good to him but the lady part sucks!"

"I agree. We are going to have fun in France. Bradley's parents will just have to understand Bradley loves you. You are pretty, high spirited, fun loving and devoted to Bradley. They will get that."

Jennifer gave Megan a quick hug. "I will let them know how much I love Bradley. That I won't be faking."

Just then there was a knock on the door.

"Come in." said Megan.

It was Bradley and Miles.

"Are we in a better mood?" Bradley asked.

"Yes." Jennifer ran up to Bradley and kissed his cheek.

"We are here to escort two beautiful ladies to lunch." Miles smiled.

Jennifer and Megan looked around. "No ladies here." Jennifer answered.

"You two are ladies. We don't care what others think." Bradley winked at Jennifer.

"Except your mother." Jennifer said in a sarcastic voice.

"Don't go there. I love you no matter what." Bradley took Jennifer's arm and Miles caressed Megan's arm and they headed to the Dining area.

Other passengers were arriving including the man who insulted Jennifer. He tipped his hat and he was with a plain mouse of a woman with dirty blonde hair and a hook nose. She smiled and said: "Hello" but looked sad.

The tables were set up for four people. There were red roses at each table and blue willow china. The Dining area was huge. Blue curtains were on the port hole windows and there were candles at each table and the tables were big. There was an orchestra at the front of the room. Megan kept thinking about "Titanic" and Jennifer did, too. Megan and Jennifer were going to be in the past the rest of their lives but at least they had boyfriends who were well off. Life was good. Megan missed her cell phone. She would loved to have taken pictures of the ocean, ship and some of the passengers. Someday, she would get used to life without technology.

Bradley, Jennifer, Miles and Megan sat at one of the tables. A waiter bought them lemonade.

"Lemonade for a change." Megan took a sip

Jennifer drank some. "This is good."

The orchestra started to play some music. Waiters served the food. They served turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, apples, rolls and cherry pie. Megan didn't like pie. She ate the other food. The food was good.

"This food is good." Miles liked the turkey the best.

"It is good." Megan agreed.

Megan was tired but she wanted to enjoy this trip to France. The ship still rocked. Reminded Megan of a 70's song. "Rock The Boat." Things in this time era would always remind her of the present.

Jennifer and Bradley were quiet. Megan hoped Jennifer wasn't still mad about their fight earlier. The man who had insulted Jennifer was leaving with a pretty blonde dolled up woman.

"Jen, that man is leaving with that dolled up woman. He came in with that poor sad, plain girl. What gives?" Megan asked.

"That man is the one next to our cabin. I remembered his voice after the poor sad woman spoke to us.The nerve of that creep! He is flaunting his Mistress in front of people!" Jennifer exclaimed.

"What is going on? asked Bradley.

"The man who insulted me is in the cabin next to mine and Megan's. He has a wife and a Mistress. He came in with a plain woman and left with that fancy dolled up blonde! What a bastard!" Jennifer shook her head.

"Darling, I agree. Keep your voice down. Some men are like that. He probably married because his family told him he had to and he has found love with the fancy woman. A pity. My family would never tell me who to marry." Bradley felt sorry for the man's wife.

"I am glad. I would hate to share you." Jennifer touched Bradley's hand and he kissed it.

"Same with me. I have found my Princess as well." Miles kissed Megan's cheek. Other passengers looked at them.

"Get a life!" said Miles.

Bradley, Jennifer and Megan laughed. Miles laughed, too.

Bradley, Jennifer, Miles and Megan left and went up on deck to look around. Other passengers could tell these couples were in love. There were no houses or towns now. Just open sea. It was so blue and pretty. The skies were clear, too. Things were sure quiet. Just then Megan saw a ship. This ship wasn't a passenger ship. It was old, brown and had a Crow's nest. A red flag with skull bones!

"A pirate ship! It's the Black Pearl!" Megan yelled.

Jennifer laughed a nervous laugh. "Megan, it's a pirate ship. I don't think it is the Black Pearl!"

"This isn't good. You ladies, go to your cabin!" Bradley yelled.

"No way! We are staying to fight pirates!" Jennifer wasn't leaving.

"Get behind us!" Miles said.

Megan got behind Miles and Jennifer got behind Bradley. Megan and Jennifer were going to come face to face with pirates. The ladies were so ready.
Bring on the pirates!

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