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Xenophon says that there is nothing more pleasing than praises

        Tattoos had long been considered gosch.
  Only a simple person would cover their body with drawings.
  But, art is not limited to the elite. It is the everlasting desire
  to express, praise for oneself.

        Sarah Ashly was a self proclaimed tattoo artist.
  She had covered every inch of her body with images.
  The dye had made her skin blue. People would stare at her
  tattooed face. Some thought she was mad; others accepted her

        Sarah had long wanted to be a mother. This was to her the
  greatest art: to sculpt a person. Her child was fatherless. She wanted
  to be the sole source of her creation. And she began by tattooing a
  dragon on her baby's chest. Well, social services was not pleased with that.
  Sarah Ashly was brought forth to a tribunal.

        "Woman is the maker of man. The creator of the hour." Sarah declared.

  to be continued...
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