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by Raven
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Part of a book I want to write.
Legend of The Mist Warriors

The Lake is still like a mirror, I must rest for I have traveled many miles quickly. Those who pursue me are not far behind. A small team of mercenaries, mostly Ex-SAS and Special Forces. They hunt me for blood money hired by those that think I know too much. As I take a drink and look across the water I see the white mist forming as it floats just above the water. Then I feel them, many souls of long past gathering around me. They rise up from the water like white pillars of snow. Their form constantly changing as if to appear and disappear like a gust of wind. I here the distant voice of a woman calling my name as if she were lost. I cannot get the voice out of my head as it grows louder and louder. Finally I see her; she is floating over the water like a white sheet blowing in the wind. Her form pushing in and out from the mist.

She reaches out to me with her eyes, they are like blue fire and I cannot look away from her. "You are the chosen one and you alone can call the Mist Warriors in a time of need" she tells me. What are they I ask she says they are all who have passed on before you, those like yourself Warriors who have no fear, the need to protect others so strong that they choose to stay and fight for those who need them. We have protected the Ghost Warriors of the Cherokee from the beginning of time and you are the first of the blood line that we have shown ourselves too for many years. Your grandfather was the last to speak to me, I told him of your coming and that you would be the next one to have the gift to call the Mist Warriors as he did. I ask her name and she said "I am known by many names Isias, The Lady of the Lake, Athena, Gaia and many others." The name is not important only that you know I am here when needed and remember I do not control the Mist Warriors only you can call them from the Earth and Water. Go now the ones that seek to take your life are near. She moved forward and blew right through me, as she did I breathed in the mist and could feel her essence as she disappeared.

She was right they were close I could smell them and feel there fear as I was only someone they had heard stories about. Except one, Choto, an Apache who had try to track me once before. I let him live that time but this time I would take his life for not seeing the gift I had given him.

I am Panther of the Ghost Warrior Clan of the Cherokee Nation and today for those who seek to harm me I am Death.
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