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A best friends betrayal with lifelong torment.
How could you bring this into my life? It wasn't my burden to bear.
You betrayed my trust, then begged me not to tell; and you didn't even care.
My innocence you stole away from me, nothing could be worse.
You brought this evil into my life, now forever, I am cursed.
It was only a matter of time, I guess, you set me up to fall.
You knew what to do and the role was easy for "Daddy's Little Doll."
You should have told me, I could have helped to make him go away.
Father's should not behave like that, it will never be okay.
"Do what he says, I'll help you out." You said, but I wanted to run.
I kept the clothes I wore that night, for proof of what he'd done.
Friendship was only a weapon for you to lure me to his lair.
What had I done to deserve for you to treat me as you dare?
"They won't believe you, girl" he said to me, "Don't think you're gonna tell."
I was scared to death, and believed his words, then my life turned into hell.
You sent this burden home with me, and no one ever knew.
My self respect and lust for life, you kept at home with you.
You watched him murder my soul that night and never helped at all.
Enjoy your life, you twisted bitch, as "Daddy's Little Doll".
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