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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Fantasy · #1844348
Robert gets his wish to be tiny, but when placed in his now giant wife's cleavage....
         "Come on in, Honey, I want to show you something, "said Robert with a smile.  Donna walked into the room, looking around.  She did not spot anything noticeable or out of place.

         "What do you want to show me?" she asked.

         "My wish stone, "he said proudly, holding up a small stone in his hand.

         "A wish stone?" she asked, looking at the plain, round stone.

         "Yes! And with it my dream of becoming tiny can finally come true!" he exclaimed.

         "Oh," said Donna, rolling her eyes.  She well knew about his whole Giantess and shrinking fantasy.

         "Yup! Just watch! I wish I was just one inch tall!" Robert said loudly as he looked at the stone.  Donna looked at the stone too, and much to her shock, the stone started to move.  The stone vibrated in his hand, and then crumbled to dust and then just blew away into the air.  She had to admit that was a nice trick, or whatever, as the effect was impressive.  She looked back over towards her husband, and let out of yelp of surprise.  She was looking at him right in the eye.  Robert had always been taller then her, at six feet tall to her five foot six and a half feet tall.  But now she was looking at him eye to eye, as he had already lost some six inches of height.  And he did not stop there.  As every second passed, he lost another inch.  In just a couple seconds he was below her waist in height.  She simply stood there stunned, as her now tiny two foot or so husband turned around and climbed himself up on to the coffee table.  He stood on the tabletop and continued to shrink down smaller and smaller.  He shrunk down to doll size, and then to action figure size and finally stopped shrinking at a tiny inch tall.

         Donna simply stood there, stunned, looking down at the tiny one inch tall speck on the coffee table that was once her six foot tall husband.  After a couple minutes she noticed that he was moving quite a bit, maybe jumping and waving his arms.  She could not hear him making any noise, but she realized she would not hear anything form him as he was so tiny.  She carefully squatted down on the floor right in front of the coffee table.

         Robert felt a huge thrill as he felt the first tingle run through his body and he started to shrink.  He was a bit shocked that the wish stone had worked, but did not think about it too much as he was so over joyed that he was shrinking.  The whole room around him just kept getting bigger and bigger.  Very soon even his short wife was towering over him.  When he got down to about half his previous height, he got a bit concerned about getting lost on the floor once tiny.  So he turned around and climbed up onto the coffee table.  Then just a couple of seconds later he stopped shrinking at just one inch tall.  The sight all around was amazing: everything was so big.  And the best view of all was his now giant wife, standing a couple feet away, looking like a skyscraper.  But she was just standing there, so he yelled to get her attention.  After several yells she had not moved, he started to jump up and down and frantically wave his arms.  After several minutes she finally noticed and squatted down in front of him.  And he got a very big shock, seeing her now mountain sized breasts now at eye level with him on the table.

         "My gosh....it worked!" said Donna, looking down at her tiny husband.

         "Yea," Robert answered automatically, as he could not help but hear her loud voice echo across the room, but his eyes and thoughts were on her breasts.  Donna had always been very busty, with nice round D cups, but now her breasts were a mind bogging size to him.  And her massive line of cleavage showing form the top of her shirt was getting him very excited,

         "Are you ok?" she asked, moving her head closer to the table top.

         "Yea, I;m fine! Great!  But hey! Donna! Honey! Listen!  Pick me up and put me in your cleavage!" Robert said quickly.

         "What?" she asked, not sure she heard what he said.

         "Put me in your cleavage! Please! Honey!" he begged.

         "Wait..why?" she asked, confused.

         "Honey, the whole point of me shrinking is to experience your glorious body on it's now amazing scale to me!" said Robert.

         "I see.  Still it might not be such a good idea to put you in my cleavage---" she said.

         "DONNA PLEASE!!!" he screeched quite loudly.

         "Ok,Ok alright," she said, as she reached over with just her pointer finger and thumb.  Robert suddenly lost his voice seeing her giant finger and thumb coming towards him.  They were both so big that they easily dwarfed his tiny body.  He found himself standing perfectly still, not looking at the approaching hand at all, but looking back over at her massive cleavage.  As her finger got closer to her tiny husband, she was amazed to see that he was not even as tall as her finger nail was long.  Still she gently pushed her pointer finger and thumb together and carefully lifted him off the table top.

         Donna moved her hand, with her tiny inch tall husband held between her pointer finger and her thumb up to her face.  She looked down at him, amazed at his now tiny size.

         "Robert, are you sure It's a good idea for you to be crawling around in my cleavage like this?" asked Donna.  She waited several seconds and got no response, and when she looked down to check on him, she saw that he was wide-eyed just staring down into her cleavage.

         "Fine, " she said shaking her head a bit.  Then she lowered her hand down and gently set her tiny inch tall husband on top of her massive cleavage.  Robert snapped out of his daze as he saw her massive cleavage approaching.  He eagerly grasped at the empty air, trying to reach out and feel her skin.  Then he suddenly found himself laying right on top of her cleavage and her fingers moved away.  He reached out and pressed his whole body against the top of her breast and started to kiss her skin like crazy.  Donna felt the oddest little sensation on her breast and looked down as saw her tiny husband getting all worked up and happy.  She just smiled, took a deep breath and stood up , but did not really notice that when she did so, she caused her chest to move quite a bit.

         Robert was totally unprepared for the sudden and violent movement her breast made as she took that deep breath.  All around him her skin rippled and moved, like a massive earthquake.  He let out a loud yelp of joy that caused Donna to tilt her head and look down at him.  She saw him bouncing away in her cleavage, a smile on his face and having a good time.  Still, she was concerned that if she moved too much she might cause him some problems.  She simply looked up at the ceasing, enjoyed the tiny tickles she flet from him and tryed to keep still.

         Robert found out that she was not keeping very still at all.  Her breasts just kept wobbling around on both side of him and underneath him.  He felt like he was on a boat at sea, or maybe a giant water bed.  And this was when she was more or less standing still, and not overly moving around the place.  suddenly her breasts moved apart just a bit and he found his legs sliding down into the massive gap of her cleavage.  Then her breasts settled back into place, pinning his legs in her cleavage.  The pressure from the weight of both her breasts was quite intense, not enough to crush his legs, but it was sure uncomfortable.  He wiggled frantically about, but could find no hand holds against her smooth skin.  She felt his wiggling, of course, and turned an eye down to watch him wiggle in her cleavage.  She just shook her head and looked away.  He was sure having a good old time in her cleavage.


As long as he was having a good time, she might as well have one too.  She sure did not just feel like standing there too much longer.  She looked over to the far end of the sofa where her book sat on the arm rest.  Why not just sit down, relax and read as he moved about her cleavage, she thought.  She took the couple quick steps over to the sofa and sat down.

         The simple movement of her walking was another quake to tiny inch tall Robert, but ten times as worse then before.  Her breasts bounced several of his tiny feet as she moved, hitting him both front and back.  And for a moment her breasts even moved her cleavage apart just enough that his legs were free.  Though, of course, with no hand holds he could not pull himself up and out of her cleavage.  And before he could even much try, her breasts moved right back to settle and hold his legs.  Then, quite suddenly her breasts bounced upwards, just a bit and then settled back into place.  It was quite a ride for tiny Robert, and unfortunately the movement slid his whole body deeper into her cleavage.

         suddenly Robert found himself up to his tiny neck in her cleavage.  Even his right arm had slid down and was not trapped between the massive skin of her giant cleavage.  He knew he had to call for help.  But when he tried to yell, he found he could not even much take a breath.  The massive pressure from her breasts was squeezing down on his tiny chest.  He tried to move his left arm to wave to get her to notice and help, but it did not do much except flop against her skin.  This was not quite turning out the way he had hopped.  He also found himself suddenly noticing the temperature.  Her skin was incredibly hot, far more then he would have thought, maybe it was because of there sized differences he thought.  In any case, he was sweating quite a lot all over her skin.

         Donna sat down on the sofa, not giving little Robert much thought.  She could feel his tiny body in her cleavage, but she did not bother to look down, assuming he was just fine.  She reached over and grabbed her book and flipped it open to the bookmarked page.  Lost in her book, she simply read along.  After a bit she when to turn the page, reaching over with her left hand.  This caused her left arm to push up against her left breast, that moved her breast just a bit towards her right breast.  Robert was squeezed between both of the breasts and was actually moved upwards.  He got a good, deep breath and lay against her skin to catch his bearings.  He tried to climb up a bit away from her deep cleavage, but found that while his arms and torso were now free, his legs were still held in her cleavage.  He found that he could wiggle his legs just a bit, but they were still being pushed on by her massive cleavage.  Just not as tight as before.  He tried to wiggle and climb up, but again could not find any hand holds on her smooth skin.

    He knew he had to call on her for help, so he took a deep breath and got ready to yell.  Just at that moment, however, Donna reached up with her left arm to scratch her right shoulder.  This simple action shook most of her torso, and especially her breasts.  Even as tiny Robert went to yell, he slid downward.  He did not even get to make so much as a sound before his face was covered by flesh.  He could not breathe and he wiggled about  to find some air.  Finally he looked up and felt warm air.  His eyes went wide when he saw where he was though.  He had fallen deep into her cleavage and he was now engulfed by her skin on all sides.  He could not move at all, he could barley even move his chest to breathe.  His wife's massive cleavage held him very tight.  He tried to yell, he tried to make any sound, but he had no breath left.  Then Donna simply moved a bit back to get comfortable on the sofa.  The movement was not much, but for tiny Robert it was way too much.  Her breasts moved together, just a bit, not very much, but more then enough to crush tiny little Robert.

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