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by Rose
Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Erotica · #1844458
Proud of her beauty she enters the sand to eagerly show it off, veiled in splendor.
~Adena enters the circle of gathered on-lookers. Competitor and witness alike sit before her, and the eyes of this world turn to see the silken goddess that now presents herself before them. Clad in veils of the softest silk, sheer and tantalizing, haunting and tempting, seductive and daring. Eyes of jade peek in curiosity, hovering just above the first of the veils. Ample breasts hidden behind a cocoon of diaphanous material caressing slender shoulders draped in a cascade of seductive fabrics. A waist that begs to be touched slinks and curves behind a curtain of silk, wishing to be freed from this binding. Like a river of rushing flame, her hair tumbles down her back, tamed by still more veils, caged by the thinnest of materials, bent to the will of this current captor. Graceful and slender legs are brushed in silent caress by the silk adorning their curves as well. Each piece moves as one as the figure of the slave girl presents itself to the eyes of her audience. Poised now in the center of the throng, she closes her eyes as willowy arms lift to the heavens, palms turning to face one another as she awaits the music's beginning~

~Slowly the music begins to encompass the woman, seducing her very soul, weaving its way through the very fibers of her being. Giving into the rhythm as the pulsating drums begin their calling, a stomp of her foot is heard against the cold hardness of the floor. Resounding in wave after wave through the din of the crowd, calling all eyes that dared, to look upon this creature of beauty before them. The beat of the drums takes over her body, and her foot answers with a molding to the wishes of the beat. Tiny wrists begin to dance above her head, painting pictures of the glowing light around them, drawing out the magic of the music that now encircles her heart~

~Suddenly, those eyes of haunting mischief open. The painting hands join now in the beat begun by those stomping feet. With a spin of pure attitude, she claps out the rhythm of the salsa echoing through her mind. Her hair bristles and snaps into this new rhythm, tamed only by the veils that are woven through it, aching to be freed. Fixing her eyes on her Master, she slinks over to Him. The clapping ceases and her hands fall to her hips. With a moan of desire, her back arches, and she runs her palms in caress over those hips she is begging Him to touch, to take, and to mold to His will. Taking a veil of scarlet from the belt at her waist, she leans and places a kiss to His cheek, the silk caressing over His neck and shoulders. Her firm breasts thrust forward in bold offering to Him as well. However, a trill of laughter rings out as she lets the article of fabric flutter to rest in His lap, and she is swiftly out of His reach in seconds, purring to Him from the center of the crowd once more~

~Like a leaping panther, she is soon in the air. She is proud, graceful, powerful and majestic. Two more veils are stripped from her, seductively revealing the legs of a dancer, which are toned and chiseled works of art in their own right. Crossing the fabrics of blue and gold over her curves, she moans, her pulse quickening as the material teases and delights her flesh.~

~Landing in silence, she gazes over the sea of faces, a feline on the hunt for prey. Crossing behind Mistress Tobi, the scarves are tossed on the wind, carried like autumn leaves, falling to Her lap. Once more she prances to the center of the crowd, just out of reach of the many hands that reach out to her in hopes of helping her dance along. Reaching the center, she falls to her knees, palms soon placed to the hard floor before her. Hips that brazenly demand to be noticed begin to shimmy and tremble as the slave slithers on her belly like a serpent towards her next victim.~

~At last her gaze finds another face among those gathered. Like a dragon on the hunt, she crawls with slinking grace towards Master Ladarius. Pure mischief can be seen dancing within those dark orbs of hers, wrapping Him in their snare like the tangled creature within a spider's web. Folding herself to her knees, the veil of ebony is ripped from her breasts, her hands caressing over the revealed sculptures, taunting and teasing the man before her. Within the short span of four beats of the slave's heart, she tosses the fourth of her veils into His lap. As He reaches for the veil, she is elegantly on her feet and making sure the veil is all His hands can touch. Tossing her head in the air, a laugh of triumph spills from behind the pearl veil over her face as she darts back to the center of the spectators to begin anew her dance of torment.~

~Pulling the two veils from her hair, the slave twirls in a swirl of color. Coddled and draped in the colors of jade and veiled in the soft, feminine snare of rose she claps her hands together, her feet stomping anew as the music builds and subsides, churning and tossed like the great ocean waves. Upon reaching Master Deathbringer's chair, she prowls around Him, the scarves allowed to dangle and caress over His neck as she teases her way from one side of His body to the other. Leaning over His shoulder as she begins to cross away from Him yet again, those coral lips place a tantalizing kiss of temptation to His earlobe. As she backs away, a soft laughter is heard, floating to rest along with the two silks that she sends to drape over His flesh. Twirling back out of His reach, those jade orbs sparkle with mischief and her hands raise above her head. Toned curves are drawn tight as those wrists begin to flick, drawing out her devotion, her passion for life, and her elation at being able to be here before them all~

~As the music fades and then ceases all together, her hands cease their drawing. Her eyes are then misted with a soft moisture as they seek out His face. The face of the One that has called her His own. Falling to her knees, she crawled to Him across the expanse of chill that separated them. Clad now in only the delicate pearl face veil, she made her way like a hunting viper towards her prey of choice. Upon reaching Him those misted pools seemed to dance with the lights of the very stars themselves. Raising herself to her knees her body flowed like the very silks she had been wearing before. Amidst a soft caressing of auburn mane she raises her arms, reaching out to Him, wrist kissing wrist, and ivory flesh crossing over itself. Lowering her gaze to the floor before Him she waits for Him to remove the veil from her face~

{my Master unveils His treasure}

~As the glorious freedom of having the veil removed is felt she lifts those haunting eyes again. With a moan of desire and a whimper of need she pleads with her Master, begging for His attention. The music washes over in its final offering and as its caress is felt her thighs slip open, displaying for Him all that she can offer this night. Her back arches and her full breasts beg to be taken as well. The freedom of being out of the bindings of those veils and to offer herself as the heated and wanton slave that she truly is, makes her cry out with joy. The fire's light is reflected in the dusting of rose that now seems to encompass her entire body. With each passing moment her devotion, her desire, and her need to please are made even more evident. With the silence of the music's faded offering, she falls still, awaiting the words of release from the One that she lives for and has the honor of being collared to~

Word Count: 1,375
Copywrite: Midnight Rose
January 2012
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