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Letter written to me by me for the dear me letter writing contest.
Dear Me:

You are important and matter to me. You have many gifts and talent

to share with many people and to use so that you are able to help them

reach their full potential. By helping other people you will be helping

yourself to learn and gain better life skills. These gifts are for you to have

any time you reach out to grasp them and bring them to you. Reach as far

as you can and grow each moment of each day. This letter is to remind you

about your thoughts and goals for 2012.

Me, Congratulations for taking that first step in 2011; and adding more

steps, toward a more healthy life style. This is a good start for better

health for you. Now this year, you must continue on your path of feeling

better and having more energy.

You decided to drink more tea than coffee this year, because you payed

attention to how your body feels and what it is telling you. You like tea

and so does your body, so follow these observations; you're doing a good job

of taking care of yourself.

The tea goes further so therefore it is less expensive which is another good

reason to drink tea more ofter. Enjoy your writing with a cup of tea at

your side waiting for you to take a sip and enjoy it bouquet of aroma and

lush-us taste. Remember all of the health benefits you will receive from

drinking this soothing beverage. Tea is a friend to your body and your

health, so enjoy spending more time with your new friend.

Writing and reading go together, so why not enjoy them to the fullest by

spending more time learning about these activities.

You made the decision to be a student, so dive into these classes and get

all the knowledge possible from them. Improve your reading and writing

skills and your reviewing skills will improve also. You are worth the

investment of time and energy to learn and gain necessary skills. This will

also allow you to help people because, by passing your knowledge on to

them; which you enjoy doing, they will learn about and understand your

enjoyment of this craft and gain knowledge they can use to better their lives

through reading and writing. So put a smile on your face and grab this

knowledge and hone your skills with all your might.

You should work on getting more organized in every part of your life so that

you can thoroughly enjoy all life has to offer without wasting your time and

your energy. You won't waste your time looking for things. You will be

able tio spend this extra time enjoying life and doing what you want to do;

not what you have to do.

In order to have more effective use of your time, stop waisting your time,

and have a less stressful life style you should organize everything in your

home. A place for everything; everything in it's place will give you more

free time to do what you enjoy and save you energy which you can use to do

fun activities.

Time is a precious gift which should not be wasted. I guarantee that you

will be very happy to be able to go directly to the place you put what you

need when you need it, instead of searching for the item you require.

I know you can do this very efficiently and creatively, so make a plan for

achieving your organizing goals, then start in sections; or small areas and

spend several minutes each day finding and place for everything and putting

everything in it's place.

Yes! this will take time to accomplish, however, in the huge scheme of

things, it is a very good investment for your future, will save you from

stress, frantic searching, possibly buying something you already have; but

can not find, and give you a nicer place in which to live and enjoy life.

After you have completed your challenging activities of studying, organizing,

reading, writing, and reviewing; You will have given your brain the gifts of;

exercise, new pathways for processing information, and more flexibility with

which to manipulate huge amounts of knowledge. You will have a much

healthier brain and will know how to keep it this way for the rest of your life.

Your new found good physical health and mental health will allow you to live

independently for a very, very long time; perhaps for the remainder of the rest

of your life.

The world will be a better place because you were here and did what you could

to help people and make their lives better. What you have written and posted

here on WDC will be available for people to read and enjoy. Other places where

you have created word pictures is making you thoughts and ideas available for

people to read and use to improve their lives and life style. Through everything you do;

write, say, and your actions, you are leaving a legacy. People will know you were here.

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