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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Action/Adventure · #1844805
Quinn the apprentice of revered wizard Galafas must master fire magic before its too late
A chilling wind sweeps over the barren rocky mountains making Quinn shudder as he wearily watches his master Galafas chant the final words in the incantation.

”Mirle kerot niasei norm harit stone!” Cries Galafas in a loud clear voice.

As the last syllable is uttered the rock face in front of Galafas starts to crack and crumble. Quinn leaps back eyes wide open with fear. The cracks deepen, shards of granite start falling away, a jagged boulder moves forward out of the cliff face all the while cracking and breaking to reveal a stone leg and foot, craggy arms start forming, clawing out into the open, this is followed by a chest breaking forward and then the other leg, lastly a giant stone head cracks out of the rock leaving a gaping hole in the side of the mountain. The crashing and grinding stops and Quinn gulps.

“A..a..umm Ga..Galafas n..n..now wha..at?” Stutters Quinn.

“One last touch must be made” Assures Galafas as he reaches up and touches his index finger into the forehead of the looming stone man, as his finger touches the stone he cries “Awaken stone golem”. A bright light pulses out from the golem’s forehead, blue lines rush up and down its body leaving ancient patterns and symbols engraved into its body. The light all retracts back into the golem’s forehead. Galafas removes his finger, revealing a glowing blue eye in the forehead of the monster. The golem bows, without saying a single word Galafas orders it into a slumber until it is further needed. The golem nods then dissolves back into the rock until the only proof is a glowing blue eye etched into the stone. “And that is how you create a stone golem” Exclaims Galafas “I must go prepare your fire rune come collect it from me tomorrow. Remember you must keep practicing your fire spells, as a fire wizard it is of utmost importance for your fire spells to be consistent and powerful” Orders Galafas.

Galafas is a tall slender man with a short black beard, deep black eyes and sweeping red robes. He is a revered fire wizard throughout the continent of Alukno, Quinn is very lucky to be his apprentice. With a tap of his staff Galafas was gone leaving only a large flame which quickly died and went out.

Quinn starts the short walk down the twisting rocky path, accompanied by the sound of the rushing stream beside him as he heads towards the small town of Malvarin. At fifteen Quinn is quite small for his age, a short slender boy with dirty blonde hair and dressed in just rags he is not exactly a typical magician. Galafas saw through his appearance and has started to train him in the ways of magic. Quinn closes up his rags and hugs his chest tight as more cold wind sweeps over the path.

He proceeds to takes his hands out in front of him then carefully recites “Kerit molte fire”. Fire erupts from his hands then burns down to a small flame in his palms.Warming him as he makes his way down the path. He keeps the small fire going until he reaches Malvarin, he then claps, putting the flame out. He walks hurriedly through the small town avoiding the other villagers and keeping to himself. The town nestled inbetween tall mountains and a thick forest, isn't anything special, a stream runs down the west, small pine huts, and bigger stone buildings line each side of the dirt road that runs through the centre. He reaches his home, opening the door he is greeted by a big round lady.

“Quinn, Quinn there you are come along, come along dinners already served” the lady bustles Quinn down the hall into a big old wooden room, four long old tables cover the main area of the hall, three smaller tables are placed in the corners of the room with the kitchen at the far right corner. Many other children also draped in rags cover the centre tables. Quinn takes his seat at one of the smaller tables alone.

“Thank you, thank you Miss Marley” Groans Quinn picking up a spoon and proceeding to eat his stew. The other kids continue to laugh and yell while Quinn quietly sits alone at a small mahogany table in the corner of the old hall. Being an orphan is hard for him despite all of the kids also being orphans he is different, more quiet and mysterious. Quinn finishes the meal and leaves for his room, he quickly walks down the old wooden corridor and opens the last door into a small wooden room with a bed in the corner and a small chest of drawers. He lets out a sigh and crumples onto his bed running some spells over in his head ‘Fire, fire, create fire hmm Ignitus Molte create fi...’ Quinn’s thoughts are interrupted as some of the other kids sprint down the hall giggling and yelling. ‘Arghh shut up, shut up, annoying kids’ Quinn angrily thinks to himself. Sleep is hard for Quinn, each night the kids never shut up and the nightmares of how his parents were killed plague his every minute of sleep. This night was no different. Quinn sees himself laughing and smiling at the dinner table with his parents when his dad leaps up and rushes away and quickly comes back with a long sword he then jumps in front of Quinn and his mother holding the sword up towards the door

“What is it dad?” Quinn worryingly asks.

“Shhh shhh Quinn everything will be alright, Julie take Quinn to the safe room” whispers his father “Now!” he scowls. Quinn’s mum picks Quinn up and rushes him to the back of the house and tosses a rug aside revealing a trap door. She opens up the trap door and lightly drops Quinn down.

Softly his mum says “Quinn whatever you do don’t make a noise, stay in here till I come get you do you understand?”

“I understand mummy” murmurs Quinn. His mum proceeded to kiss her son on the forehead before closing the trap door and covering it back up then rushing back to the living room. Shortly after Quinn heard a terrifying crash in the living room, followed by footsteps. Quinn shuffled to the front of the basement. Looking through a small crack, he could see the intruder - a tall man with a long black beard, sweeping black robe and piercing red eyes standing in his living room. His eyes not able to look away, suddenly he catches a glimpse of his mum and dad standing together, he listens carefully.

“Get back” growls his father.

“What do you want?” hisses his mother.

“I want what is rightfully mine, a child imbued with the power of ancient magic, give him to me now!” yells the mysterious man.

“You will never, never touch my son” screams Quinn’s father as Quinn watched him charge forward sword raised high, and with a raise of the intruder’s hand his father was suddenly gone, flying backwards. Quinn heard an almighty crash followed by a thud as his dad presumably landed on the dirt outside. Quinn’s eyes started burning and prickling, he wiped the tears away and remembering his promise to his mum, he stayed silent.
The man brought his hand down “Now either you give me your son now, or I kill you and burn this house to the ground” he states angrily.

“The likes of you will never touch my son” yells the mother pulling a knife from behind her back and heaving it directly towards the man. Quinn shuffles around to get a better look only to see the man raise a hand once again which stops the blade in mid flight, the man clenches his fist, the knife ices over and falls to the ground shattering into shards of ice cold metal. Quinn starts worrying for his mum’s life, again fighting the tears off, fighting the urge to run out and save his mum.

“I am getting impatient, one last chance to tell me where he is!” yells the man.

“Never!” screams his mum.

“As you wish” the man states calmly as he raises his hand, with a click of his fingers Quinn’s mother starts to heave and gasp, she puts her hands to her chest before her skin ices over and she collapses backwards. Quinn’s eyes overflow with tears, he bites his tongue holding off his grief. He watches the man hit his staff to the ground, instantly four ice golems materialize in the living room. “Search the house, find me that child and bring him to me alive” growls the man, the golems nod and while the man sits in the living room waiting they proceed towards Quinn. His mind races what to do he thinks racking his brain, he knows he is found unless he somehow escapes into the village. He starts silently clawing at the weak boards that line the small concealed room, pushing through the rotten timber, light yes light, Quinn keeps pushing as silently as he can until a small hole is before him. Just as he pushes his head through Quinn hears his dad gasping for air, he looks across to see his dad bloodied and bruised. His dad sees him.

“go..go so..o..son qu..i..ck..ly..g..go war..n the oth..er vi..villagers” gasps his dad.

Quinn nods “yes father” he whispers forcing the tears away. He runs across the forest's edge, away from view of the house. Quinn hears an almighty roar and turns around to see his home engulfed in blue flames. He ducks down hiding behind the nearest tree watching his home burn along with his mother inside. He fights off more tears as the Intruder is seen leaving the house unscathed and making his way towards his father. The man finds the father on the brink of death but to some extent breathing, the man touches Quinn’s father on the forehead instantly turning him to ice. The man proceeds to kick Quinn’s fathers head shattering it into hundreds of ice shards. He then taps his staff, and is gone leaving no trace of ever being there except for a burnt patch on the grass where he materialized away. Quinn falls to the ground in tears.

Quinn is in the same position, when the people of the town find the house burnt to the ground. Quinn stumbles up from his hiding place later on that day and watched as the men sifted through the burnt remains of his home. Miss Marley later took Quinn to the orphanage which has been his home since.

“Arhh go away, go away, arhh” Quinn yells before suddenly sitting up drenched in sweat. He breathes heavily, listening if he has woken anyone ‘Can’t hear anyone’ he thought to himself. He got out of bed, buttoned his shirt and started creeping down the hallway past all the other children’s rooms. He peers out the front door, a dark eerie night lays in front of him. He starts jogging through the small village, he stops for a breath and has a quick glance around. The small wooden huts that populate the village are all quiet and shadowed, the blacksmiths one of the only stone houses still has smoke rising from the chimney. The muddy road that runs down the centre of the town laden with puddles. He raises his view to the snow capped mountains off in the distance, to his left the small rocky hill where just hours before Quinn had come face to face with his first golem. Memories of hearing the golems above him tear up his house plague his mind, but he pushes them away and proceeded onwards into the shadows. A brisk walk and Quinn is out into the open plains, to the north of Malvarin. Long dry grass covers the plains but he doesn’t stop. Quinn continues to walk briskly, until he reaches a small cluster of towering pine trees. In the middle, a small open area, he stands in front of this area and starts reciting.

“Molte ignite walar” cried Quinn loudly and clearly. A wall of fire springs up in front of him. He holds his hands out and continues to hold his concentration ‘Molte ignite walar, molte ignite walar, molte ignite walar’ he chanted in his head, keeping the wall strong. Quinn loses his concentration, the wall diminished into the ground. Quinn looks around he can hear something.

“Kerit molte fire” fearful Quinn quickly recites a spell. Fire springs up from his hands lighting up the area around him. He looks left and right, breathing heavily he can’t see anything. Quinn starts hurriedly walking home, flames still flickering in his palms he arrives back at the village. As he opens the orphanage door, the sun rises above the snowy peaks to the east. He rushes down the old wooden corridor, being careful not to wake anyone. He opens his bedroom door and slips in closing the door behind him, he slips into bed, being so tired he quickly falls into sleep.

Quinn is awoken an hour later by the other kids making noise as they themselves wake.

“Everyone up, breakfast time” squeals Miss Marley as she banged on each door.

Quinn crawled out of bed picked up his shirt off the floor, buttoned it, and then proceeded out the door and down the hall. He arrives in the hall greeted by the same scene as each other morning. Kids jumping on tables, laughing and joking. Once again the middle four tables full of kids, with the three smaller corner tables deserted. He takes his place in line, picking up a bowl and spoon.

“Next” yells Miss Marley “Ahhh Quinn what can I get you this morning? we have porridge or porridge” she chuckles to herself.

“Porridge” mumbles Quinn

“Porridge it is!” Miss Marley says with a grin, slopping a big spoonful of porridge into his bowl.

“Thanks” groans Quinn. He picked up a spoon and proceeds towards his small table in the corner. He pulls out his stool and sits down. Quickly gulping down his porridge, he leaves the hall, back to his room. He grabs a sweater from his chest of drawers, then swiftly exits the orphanage and starts the short walk to Galafas’s hut. Quinn starts to mentally prepare himself, acquiring a rune is a big step in his wizard training. After he acquires the rune he must help Galafas in the creation of his very own staff.

He arrives, Quinn knocks on the large door. Galafas’s hut is one of the larger in Malvarin, it is also one of the few made of stone, its distinguishing features include two big boulders alongside the house. Quinn knows these aren’t ordinary boulders but are rock golems, acting as sentries. Galafas answers the door.

“Ahhh Quinn my boy hurry in, hurry in” says Galafas quickly ushering Quinn inside. He has a quick look outside then closes the door. “Sit down quickly now, I have very, very grave news”

Quinn sits down on a small wood chair “Uh what grave news” Quinn asks nervously.

“Well on completion of each rune a wizard ever makes, as you know, it attracts a lot of attention, as it is a sign that their apprentice has reached class three” says a worried looking Galafas. “All wizards above class five can sense this, and this is where the problem is, after I completed your rune yesterday, I felt the presence of another powerful wizard close by, of somewhere above class seven” Galafas taps his foot nervously, gazing into the fire rune in his hand. “Now you see, in this continent of Alukno there are only four magicians of class seven or higher” he pauses.

“So wh..who do..do you thi..ink you sensed?” stammers an anxious Quinn.

“Well the four include, one fire wizard myself, an earth wizard in the eastern jungle villages, a wizard specializing in lightening to the south, and…” Galafas trails off

“Well what does the last wizard use?” whispers Quinn in worried tone.

“The man you say that killed your parents, you think he is a wizard, yes?” says Galafas

“Yes, definitely, he was able to summon ice golems and he turned my parents to ice…” Quinn says, in a small voice. He starts tearing up, but wipes the tears away. “You don’t think?”

“Well the last wizard as far as I know lives in the northern snow capped mountains, until now I have presumed he controls ice, and have always had a small suspicion that he may have been the man you speak of, but upon the runes completion, this wizard materialized somewhere in the pine forest to the close east of Malvarin, and this is when I sensed him properly, I’m sorry to say but it confirmed my thoughts, he is an ice wizard and a strong one.” Says Galafas apologetically.

“What, you had suspicions?” yells Quinn leaping up from the chair. “Why didn’t you tell me!” screams Quinn. “The man who, who killed my parents and you don’t tell me that you might know where he is!” cries Quinn.

“Quinn, I thought you would do something stupid and try killing him” a guilt ridden Galafas tries to reason with Quinn.

“No, no!” screeched Quinn. Pushing past Galafas and out the door, tears start dripping from his eyes, he forces them away and starts running. He runs as fast as he can through the village, towards the north plains. He arrives, standing in the long grass he reaches up towards the sky with both hands and screams bringing his hands down. Instantly huge flames erupt from in front of him, he screams, again putting his hands up and pulling them down, the pillar of flames rises.

“Quinn stop!” cries Galafas

Quinn turns to face Galafas “Is this what you want?” yells Quinn. The pillar of flames diminishes, Quinn’s eyes burning with rage.

“Quinn look what you have become, stop now, you risk hurting yourself and those around you!” shouts Galafas.

“Humph, you really think I care about those around me?” sniggers Quinn.

“Unless you stop this, this madness right now, I will have no choice but to put you out myself” sighs Galafas.

“Come at me old man” snarls Quinn.

Galafas raises his staff and brings it down, instantly the two rock golem’s stationed outside his house, materialize in front of Galafas. Galafas orders them towards Quinn.

“Molte e ignitus spher” Quinn recites, firing off two fire balls, each collides with a golem, but does nothing, the rock golems, almost impervious to fire, continue walking. Quinn desperately sends off two more fireballs “Molte e ignitus spher”. They again do nothing, Quinn takes a step back. The golems lunge, each taking an arm pinning him to the ground, Quinn struggles, the grip of the golems too strong. Quinn passes out in the golems stone grip.

“Ah your awake, here drink this” Galafas’s arms outstretched a steaming bowl in his hands. Quinn shoots forward sitting up, before groaning and falling back down. “Stop that you aren’t strong enough, give it a while”

“Wha..what happened?” stammered Quinn.

“You got upset, and ran off to the plains, in rage you set an area alight, if it had been summer and the grass in the plains were dry, well let’s just say you are lucky the grass had moisture in it. You reacted badly to the news…you were in a rage, then for the safety of you and others, I had to stop you.” sighs Galafas.

“What? Did, did we fight?” questions Quinn.

Again Galafas sighs “Not quite, I summoned two rock golems, they quickly subdued you, now how are your shoulders, those golems have a strong grip”

“Umm it, they’re fine” mumbles Quinn “The news I reacted so badly too? Was it…” Quinn asks sadly “about the wizard who, who killed my parents?”

“Yes, I’m afraid it was, now we will continue this discussion in the morning, you need rest” says Galafas.

“Ok” sighs Quinn, drifting into a light sleep.

Quinn awakes, he slowly sits up, this time without pain. ‘Where is Galafas? We need to talk’ thinks Quinn. He slowly gets out of the bed, standing up he stretches then opens the door, walking out into an evening sun.

“Ah Quinn, are you feeling better?” enquires Galafas.

“Uh yes I am thanks. So um what are we doing about the, this ice wizard?” Quinn asks coldly.

“Well we have a problem, upon materializing in the forest, he would instantly be able to sense any nearby wizards. Now I think the reason he would come here, is because he seems to have great interest in you. I still don’t know why he would go to your house when you were so young. He must have been very desperate for an apprentice. But it just doesn’t make sense” ponders Galafas staring intensely at Quinn.

“I think we should attack him, while we have an advantage” declares Quinn angrily.

“Yes while that is an option, it may be risky. He will most definitely have golems under his control, and if he seriously intends on launching any sort of attack, well he would need a lot of golems, at least ten or so” replies Galafas.

“Well then we will get twenty golems!” exclaims Quinn.

“While I admire your enthusiasm” smiles Galafas. “It’s not that simple, I only have six under my control, and as a class three, you could only create a few without risking tiring yourself” sighs Galafas. “Come on we shall continue this conversation inside” Galafas ushers Quinn inside.

“How much can you control?” Quinn enquires upon sitting down inside.

“Hmm well it depends of the element of the golem, you see each wizard can summon their own element much easier, but…” answers Galafas sitting down also.

“But?” asks Quinn.

“Of all the golems available to summon, fire and lightning golems are very, very hard to create. Because of the locations you must make them from, earth and ice are simple, as earth and ice are well everywhere. Fire on the other hand requires either a volcano, or a non-magic sourced fire. Any fire a wizard creates or starts cannot be used, just as a lightning wizard cannot use lightning he creates” explains Galafas.

“So is that why you, a fire wizard, use rock golems to protect your house?” asks Quinn.

“Yes, also rock golems can non-fatally suppress a person, whereas anyone a fire golem touches, well there can be some nasty burns” frowns Galafas.

“Do you have any fire golems?” Quinn asks excitedly.

“As a matter of fact I do, I have three under my control at this time, as well as three rock golems” replies Galafas.

“Wow cool” Quinn’s eyes light up “One day I hope to control a fire golem”

“Well maybe you will” Galafas says. He stands up peering out the window “The sun is setting, hmm are you going to head back to the orphanage?”

“Yes I probably should, shouldn’t I” replies Quinn.

“Ok, hurry along remember, come around here early, tomorrow we create you staff” smiles Galafas.

“Ok, oh and sorry about today” murmers Quinn with a hint of a frown.

“Its fine my boy, we all have our moments, now go you don’t want to be in any trouble” says Galafas, opening the door for Quinn.

Quinn exits, turns around and gives a small wave before continuing on his way. It had been a long day for Quinn, despite spending the majority resting. ‘Finally I will have my staff’ thinks Quinn excitedly. He quickly arrives at the orphanage pushing open the door, he pushes open the door to the hall, only a few kids remain eating.

“Quinn, Quinn quickly I nearly thought we had lost ya” beamed Miss Marley.

“No not quite” says Quinn trying to force a small smile. He picks up a bowl, Miss Marley takes a ladle out of a big pot.

“Tonight we have beef soup, how much do you want?” asks Miss Marley with a smile as usual. She half fills Quinn’s bowl. “Is that enough?”

“More please, didn’t have lunch today” explains Quinn.

“Oh in that case I shall fill ya bowl” grins Miss Marley, filling Quinn’s bowl to the brim.

“Thank you Miss Marley”

“It’s all right, oh just call me Kim, all the other kids do” she smiles.

“Ok” replies Quinn, picking up a spoon and continuing towards his small corner table. He demolishes the food, quickly leaving the hall towards his room. He closes his door and lies down on his bed, thinking about what tomorrow will bring, and exhausted he swiftly falls into a sound sleep.

Quinn awakes stretching he stands up. ‘Hmm that’s odd, I can’t hear any of the other kids, must be early’ Quinn thinks, pushing open his door, the halls pitch black he can’t see a thing. ‘Weird it’s never this dark, Miss Marl…Kim always leaves a lantern up for the younger kids’ ponders Quinn. He steps forward into the dark hallway, but no floor is beneath his foot he falls. “Ahhhhh, oof” Quinn falls landing on the ground with a thud. “What the hell is going on here” he mumbles. He looks around, some sort of snowy forest surrounds him. He hears a soft thud, instantly he is surrounded by towering men. ‘Not men ice golems’ a petrified Quinn thinks, his expression twists into shock.

“I have been waiting for you” a deep voice growls

The golems take another step forward, only a meter from Quinn. “Who, who’s there, call these golems off now” Quinn cries.

“Now why would I do that” barks the voice. The golems lunge forward, Quinn falls to the ground, covering his head. “Ah” cries Quinn, sitting up inhaling deeply. ‘Another nightmare’ thinks Quinn, drenched in sweat. He sighs, climbing out of bed. He takes off his damp top, slipping on a new one. He opens his door, he peers into the corridor, the next room across has its door open. He glances in, the top bunk unoccupied but the lower one empty.

“Oi whos that?” speaks a small voice.

“Oh sorry, sorry just seeing who was awake” Quinn explains.

“Its fine, im Tom by the way” says Tom.

“Im Quinn” smiles Quinn.

“Oh its hard to see your face, you’re the boy who sits by himself right? The one with a room all to himself?” asks Tom.

“Uh yeah, that’s me” sighs Quinn.

“Wow lucky, I hate my roommate he’s always pushing me around” moans Tom.

“Yeah, well its not as good as it seems” a mixed expression covers Quinn’s face.

“Oh its not?”

“Sorry but I really have to go, I have something important I need to do today” apologizes Quinn.

“Ok, maybe some other time?” asks Tom.

“Sure” Quinn waves a quick good bye, quickly exiting the room. He hurries down the corridor. ‘Should I grab breakfast?’ Quinn thinks. ‘No, in too much of a hurry’ he hurries out the door.

This is just the start of my hopeful story, please leave reviews, all reviews are welcome negative and positive alike. If I get good feedback I will continue it whenever possible. Oh and please not too harsh, constructive criticism is welcome but I’m only 14 and do not need to be insulted..

Thank you
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