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Rated: 13+ · Draft · Fantasy · #1845770
Utopian shortstory where people are put in power or have money based on there exposed Aura
Affable Acculturation

RIINNGGG! Big Ben struck 3'O clock, it was a particular cloudy day this August 3rd in our beloved land. "That sound always leaves the most pleasant resonance in my ear." said Samantha. I could tell she really enjoyed it, she was glowing bright yellow. I, on the other hand, glanced down and was glowing a dark blue. Its unfortunate that every one in the meeting will know I'm this nervous. "I don't understand it! Why do i always utter this vivid dark blue when i have nothing to be anxious about? I mean the head operatives in charge at the [corp] wouldn't even BE in-charge if they weren't kind naturalist." I told her.
"I always listen to music or go for a walk whenever my aura is acting up." exclaimed Samantha. "Ill take your advise." I said and steered away from my normal path to the office. Besides i had to get my aura to at least a soft blue so i could pull out some cash at the AMM (Aura Money Management).
As i was walking down the street to the Region 495 Park and recreational in the London Area, i noticed a peculiar older gentlemen walking his dog. I say peculiar because usually when people project such a gnarled dark pink they usually stay indoors or are working out at the gym. Maybe he is an American, they always seem to have something on there mind it seems like. Constantly thinking about consuming to keep there oh so delicate economy stable, without taking in the experience of existence for what its worth. Anyways i kept on with my walk and lightened up my blue.

I noticed a book that was thrown in the trash, "War into Dust" seemed like a horror science fiction type. Just the thought of war can make someone feel sick to his stomach. One who romanticizes the very thought of harming another would be living on the streets. I glanced over the general plot on the back of the novel, it spoke of a horrific world where other beings would dictate over certain parts of the earth and drop atomic bombs, release viruses or attack the other civilizations just because they disagreed over certain issues and ways of life. Can you believe that absurdity? To set boundaries on this planet to reserve for only certain types of people is ridiculous, we are all human beings. People cannot own land because to own something you have possession over it, you would have to pay or trade for it when there is no one to trade to because no one originally owned the land and I'm pretty sure the earth doesn't want to sell its body to you. People can't come into power based on manipulating a person or group of people or even civilization. Every one would see right through him and not allow any power to an egotistical dictator. The book also spoke a police forces to control people and send them away! Tell me, what is a society without trust? To even have a single group of people with that sort of power to use for violence, manipulation and hate would be an atrocity! Nevertheless, it was just a novel.

I walked on to the AMM, my aura was looking better (i think that book helped me realize how good things are).
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1845770-Affable-Acculturation