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A short piece on a popular subject. :)
          Life, what is it? This has been the subject of philosophical, scientific and theological speculation since long ago, and it won't end soon. Many have their own say in this subject. Some say, life is the mere existence of all beings. Some say, life is the manner of living. Some others say, life is a purpose. And there are many who say, life is the experience and feelings that constitute existence. What really is the definition of life? Sure anyone could look up the "definition" of life in a dictionary. But, weren't the ones who wrote dictionaries human? The subject of life has been a popular debate amidst people, and different people have different perspectives on the subject. Putting that in mind, the written "definition" of life is just an opinion of some people set in a book. It is both accepted and rejected by people. So what is it to say that this "definition" really defines the word. Come to think of it, the word "life" itself is made by man. Hence, in my opinion, "life" has no definition. Its just a word man made.

         That said, the question we should ask is not "What is life?" but " How to live life?". I'm sure many would question the reason to living life. However, what is the use of inquiring the reason. Does it change anything? Why waste time and effort on a reason so abstract and has no true answer? For some its the satisfaction. So what? Is it worth cracking ones mind and giving themselves migraines for it? There is no need to put ourselves through so much effort and headaches for this. For me, I would rather ponder on other significant issues in life in the present time than to wring my mind on such obscurities. These nonessential endeavors are a waste in life.

         So, how to live life? In my perspective, one should live life going with the flow. I'm not trying to go all hippie and all. However, why not just live without reason and worries about insignificant meanings. Live life in the moment. Whether it be joyful or doleful. Create memories where people close to us and ourselves remember and cherish until the day we all leave this life. That's what's important. After that, we all leave with nothing. For me, I believe in Nihilism, which is the devaluing of the highest values. Empty the world, and especially human existence, of meaning, purpose, comprehensible truth, and essential value. Just live life for the sake of living. This may sound religious and monk, but with this, life would be simpler.

         This is just my opinion on this ever growing topic. Life should be simple and not complex. We don't have a need to comprehend life. Just knowing that we are in it is enough information. Perhaps people ponder about the meaning and reason of life out of boredom, I feel not the need for that though. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning and purpose of life. Life or human existence has no real meaning or purpose because human existence occurred out of a random chance in nature, and anything that exists by chance has no intended purpose. Although we may know that, its in a human's nature to try to associate a meaning or purpose so we can justify our existence. Hence, I believe this topic will remain a debate that will never cease to end.

Life is life, nothing to it.

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