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Where pain from the past haunts the rest of your future; it takes strength to break
Free yourself from the fear and worry
Release the stress and flustery fury
Countless times you abstain from pain
Your hands are tied, overwhelmed by shame
Beauty is passion
Afraid of reaction
Obsessed with my ration
How dare you assume a miracle attraction
When the past has proven it in a blistering fashion
Scarred and broken tears are but a token
To those who've crippled you, your voice is unspoken
The strength you knew wasn't strength, it was hope
You think you're empty, where will you elope?
With nothing to give but your Godforsaken presence
This life is a gift your presence is presents
To some and most, we see a ghost
It haunts you today and tomorrow you pay
This ghost is the one who holds you in dismay
He's your worst enemy and yet in his house you stay
Why don't you ask him where he truly stands today?
For he's from the past and he threatens you won't last
But what about him, to others he marks no presence
Only to you he cripples a fool
One who cannot see who really lies before him
When you know damn well because you've been through hell
And after a storm arises the sun
Peaking through heaven it is reborn
You stand there staring cold and numb
Wishing but hopeless that it will be warm
So who is this ghost and what is his form?
He's crippled your soul because the past was not whole
It shattered to pieces and left with nothing that pleases
Its a dreary world that you provide your hand
Which is tied behind your back because of the ghost who's made you a man
A man because you know that you're free to let go
Of the rope he restrained you with and you must acknowledge the bestow
Shake his hand without reprimand
Look into his eyes and thank him for the lies
The pain and the gain he taunted you ordained
Your hands exchange gratitude and release full of faith
No longer afraid of this wraith you hold the power
Life is in action, shower in passion
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