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I made the I Am item, I decided to make Am I.
This is my feeble attempt at a valentine to someone in particular. He better know who he is. Check back as I often edit these several times.

Am I...

the cream in your coffee, or honey in your tea?
I'm at a loss here. Oh, what can I be?

Am I...

the one who was blessed with your time,
while being enchanted by someone so fine?

Admiring your jawline, your words came out,.
"Will you be mine? Of this have no doubt.

"I'll have you, if you'll have me.
Tell me soon--What will it be?"

Our eyes had met. My mouth hung open.
You took my hand, and slipped on love's token.
What a surprise. I hadn't a clue.
My heart beat out an infinite tattoo.

We became one, our bodies entwined
Oh, I so loved how well you're designed.
Our love light shone brightly. Winter time passed;.
It never hit me.--these days we'd spend last.

Am I...
that one whose days had turned bleak,
smiled instead, and kissed your cheek?
Who loved you enough--to set you free,
and once out of sight, dropped to my knees?

Am I...
that one who still loves you so,
You're number one. Didn't you know?
When you need comfort or just a friend,
I am here for you, of that you can depend.

Love doesn't die, love's here and now,
but only as much as you allow..
You'll always be the one in my heart,
wherever you are, near or apart.

Am I...

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