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A brief history and impact in the world done by the great Jimi Hendrix
As the month of February comes to the United States, the black men and woman of history are given tribute and recognition as February is Black-history month. One young musician who change the world with his ability with the guitar; Jimi Hendrix.

Jimi Hendrix, born Johnny Allen Hendrix in November 27th,1942 to sole mother, Lucille Jeter, as his father, Al Hendrix, was drafted into the U.S. Army during World War II. As Al was in Alabama, his commanding officer placed him in the stockade, in order to keep Al from AWOL to see his son born. As a infant, James was neglected by his mother who preferred the nightlife. Al was honorably discharged from the Army and soon went to meet his son for the first time; he soon legally change Johnny Allen Hendrix name into James Marshall Hendrix as a tribute of Al's late brother Leon Marshall Hendrix. During the early years of James' life, turmoil occurred by domestic arguing led James to withdraw and hide in the closets.Living in poverty, James' family constantly moved to motels and apartments in Seattle, and was dropped off to relatives. James had a large interest in music, as a child he would strum a broomstick as it was a guitar. Al purchased a second-hand acoustic guitar from his friend, as present to his son. James inability to read music made him concentrate harder on the sounds to learn. Soon after, James joined his first band "The Velvetones" which lasted three months. Al soon purchased the first electric guitar James ever owned, a Super Ozark 1560S, which James played with "The Rocking Kings".

In 1961, the young James Hendrix was in court where the judge gave him two decisions; two years in prison or enlist in the U.S. Army. James decided to enlist into the U.S. Army as a paratrooper in the 101'st Airborne Division. Jimi became a dis-conduct soldier within the Army. For his misconduct, James' superiors submitted a request to have Jimi discharged, together with a broken ankle during a parachute jump, James was discharge from the U.S. Army in only one year. Within his one year of service, James met bassist Billy Cox, who together would form the band "The King Casuals". By the end of 1965 and the first part of 1966, James played small venues around Greenwich Village, where he soon met with Animal's bassist Chas Chandler, in a performance at "Cafe Wha?". Impressed with James performance, Chas signed James into a agreement that send the young guitarist to London to form a new band. Chas soon switched from bassist to band manager; Chas first task as band manager was to change James' name to the name the world now knows: Jimi Hendrix. James, now Jimi, was joined by drummer Mitch Mitchell and Noel Redding, to create "The Jimi Hendrix Experience".

"The Jimi Hendrix Experience" was a hit in London, with "Hey Joe", as the band's first single; "Hey Joe" spend ten weeks on the UK charts.
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