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Rated: E · Other · Fantasy · #1848704
A fantasy telling about an elf looking for her right place in the world.
  Gia was headed down towards the valley floor, as dawn approached. The forest was peculiarly quiet, so she unsheathed her eleven sword and had her shield at ready for anything. The river flowed by a silent cove, and the air stunk of recent battle. As she moved forward bodies started to show up and most of them was of eleven features. Others had foreign features to them, and all of the bodies was covered in Armour and discarded weapons; but no orbs.

    The elves were from  the Panar forest and it did seem that the enemey in the north was on a war path. The ground covered in blood showed the foot steps of what would be humans. But why would they be here? she thought. She proceeded with caution as things went on.

    " Where do you think you're going?" came a voice.

At the sound of the voice she turned about and saw her friend Dalec, who been her friend since he found her in the Wolfang forest.

    "Do you have to do that?!" she asked with a slight temper.

    "Sorry couldn't help it." he said.

    "They were humans and they took the red orb with them. All I know is the orbs are destructive magic and they mustn't fall into the wrong hands." ,he told her.

    So they went further into the forest and found the humans old camp site still fresh. It was in the clearing on the outskirts of the forest, and it was here they hunted for lunch. After hare stew they continued to follow the foot prints and found them dead as a black dragon with a red orb in it's forehead stood before them and the path behind them closed up after them.

    " I've been expecting you Gia, what took you so long?" asked the dragon.

    "What do you know about me? and what or who are you?" she asked in shock.

    " Seek us at the the place you were first found and i'll lead you to the sages." said the dragon as he disappeared.

    Gia picked up the orb telling her-self that was way too weird, and as she touched the orb it gave a quick glow and enveloped her with its fire red light.

    When Gia woke up she was in a strange forest, the sky was dark and a wall loomed over head looking ominous. It had three demons on it, two on the bottom corners and one in the center of the top.  A line of evil green light ran down the middle of the wall and with a loud creak the wall split open  filling the world with all the evil it held. As the world was burning she came to laying in a bed with white sheets and people around her.

      Seeing double and feeling groggy, she tried to sit up when a strong hand and deep voice told her "Don't move young one. That was a nasty spell you went through and you still got to recover from it."

      After a few moments her head cleared and she started to see the room it self.There was your usual dressers and bed, but the white trigram against brown floor was not normal.

    " Where's my things?", she suddenly asked .

    "We had your clothes cleaned and your personal effects being held in the trigram chest under the bed." the doctor said.

    "The orb!, where is it asked Gia as she searched the chest."

    " It's being examined, that is an ancient artifact from days of old and we don't know very much about it." said the doctor.
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